To the land of the Ohio.

Could all of my dreams be coming true? How often have I said wistfully that I wish we lived in the Midwest, where life is a little slower and the people friendlier. I'm still in denial that I live in the city. I still don't parallel park, no matter how many times my husband begs me to try. And my wish to be at home. Simply stated. To make my home my work. To cook breakfast, pack lunches and make dinners. And yes, to clean. And decorate. And find other creative outlets. And one day, watch my children play and experience those first steps, first words. We're so close. We could do it. We could break away, make a mad dash, and skip this town. We could start a whole new chapter, one which we'll look back at when we're old and gray, and say, "Ahh, remember the time..." It could be us. We just have to take a leap of faith and move forward. And avoid the fear. The fear that's saying we'll miss our friends and family, that it's not a good time to try and sell a home, that maybe the job will be too stressful or our bank account too broke.

I think we may do it though.

We may move to Cincinnati, Ohio - to a town where we know no one. We'll rent instead of own and live off of one income. We may have to sell a car. We may be happier in the long run. Or stressed. Maybe we'll be dismayed at the loneliness and regret our decision. But isn't it better to have tried? We'll at least know what we've left behind and the logic for which we based our decision. We'll know the alternative. Otherwise, we'll always wonder what could have been. We'll feel we missed our opportunity. We'll ask ourselves constantly whether it could have been better out there in the land of the Ohio.

Fast food: Cincy sytle.
What's with the oyster crackers & forks though? 

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