Orange lipstick.

Moments of inspiration. I've mentioned it before, but I still can't quite grasp why some days feel different than others. How many (insert: days - weeks - months) do I sort through the piles of catalogues in my mailbox and toss them directly into the bin, without ever eyeing a colorful page? Well, I will tell you. Many. But last week I found myself flipping though the pages, finding inspiration at every turn. Especially the new J.Crew catalogue. I shouldn't have even looked. I should have placed it with my usual pile for trash. But this day was different. I sat with my cup of tea and leafed through the many glossy pages, hesitating only to let my freshly coated nails dry. I was immediately enamored with the orange stained lips, and had to have some. It's not often I wear bold colors. I blame it on my hair color. I already naturally stand out in a crowd (or at least, I'm convinced) and I feel a little clownish dressed in bold shades of any color. Neutrals and pastels are generally my assortment of choice. So, it's slightly out of character for me to invest in a bright shade of orange lipstick. I know. I know. It sounds awful. But seriously, it's there. The orange lipstick, right there in the J.Crew catalogue. It's probably not as bright as I'm making it out to be, but for a girl who's afraid to wear a bright blue shirt, it's something.

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