9/17: On the rocks.

What seems like a very long time ago...

Ironically, the time when most is changing in our lives, I'm unable to update my blog with any new posts. We've rid ourselves of both internet AND cable in our home, in an effort to stay motivated and focused on cleaning, clearing and packing. And boy, has it worked. You wouldn't believe the things you find to do late in the evening when the couch and TV are no longer beckoning. We're off to Cincy in less than a week. It has all happened so fast and I certainly feel the constant push of the propeller forcing us forward. I think the timing is just right, while we're still young enough to pull off a move like this, without children. On the evening in which my husband and I toasted our beers in celebration of our decision to move, we both chuckled that we'll hopefully look back at this time with fondness. Even if we "fail", this is what life is about. These are the memories we'll remember tomorrow. It's not everyday, after all, that you pick up your entire life and move it to another state. 

As a temporary farewell, we had the pleasure of a perfect, chilly, Fall September weekend in the Poconos with my family, minus one sick sister. It was leisurely and relaxed, a nice change to the frantic pace we've been experiencing as of late. We drank wine, ate delicious home-cooked food, played corn hole on the lake beach and even saw a rainbow in broad, sunshiney daylight. We also grabbed lattes at the local cafe and traveled to Boulder Field, a place which my family hasn't visited in years. It's quite spectacular to view and even more exciting to cross. I'll definitely put it away in our book of memorable moments.

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