Phillies vs. Reds

A few weeks ago....

I've been feeling considerably calm about the whole moving-my-life-to-another-state inevitability. Okay, calm enough that the only real aspects stressing me out lately are the immediate tasks at hand - cleaning, meeting, selling. But the big part - the part that requires me to leave my family and friends and everything I know, behind.. well, that part has felt surprisingly like a quiet undercurrent. So clearly I'm either suffering from acute shock or else utter denial. I've felt the sad twinges or little strikes of fear to my heart every so often, but I've done my best to push them all away. This impending move feels more like a vacation, one which requires a lot of last minute preparations. If I'm being honest, I've already started to dread those first few days in our new apartment, when boxes are still unpacked, furniture is scarce and there's no internet connection. It's like the first few days on a new job, always unsettling and nerve racking before you adopt your routine. I've tried to make peace with it, knowing how quickly a place can feel like a home. And I'm glad for the time of year, when the leaves will start to grow orange and red, and the weather will turn from warm to crisp. The holidays too, will come tumbling fast as they always do. This move will hopefully be like college,  a few years away, dotted with many trips back home. Nothing is forever and all I can do is witness where life chooses to take us. We're certainly taking the road less travelled, but there's a certain level of excitement in doing so. I was complaining to my husband just a month ago how boring life felt. How stagnant everything was becoming, as if we weren't really progressing in any sense. Well, this is it. Here we go. Hold on tight.

And did I mention the irony in everything surrounding this move? The less than stellar work atmosphere my husband was experiencing, the meeting he was dreading that was pushed back from a day before his interview, to a few days afterwards. The call he received confirming his offer, just minutes before that delayed meeting. The night we decided to walk up to a local restaurant and discuss the possibility of moving our lives and, ironically, the bartender asking the two of us, out of a crowded bar, which channel the Phillies game was being broadcast. How she turned to the channel moments later - how we noticed with curiosity that the Phillies were playing none other than the Cincinnati Reds. This is the road less travelled, but it really feels like the only one before us. If things were meant to be, I would say there is a very strong sense that we're supposed to be making this decision. This trip is where we're supposed to go.

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