Ring-ting-tingling too.

It's too early, already, to be thinking about Christmas lights and sleigh bells... right?  I  mean, I just sprinkled our apartment with a small smattering of Fall decorations yesterday, when what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a Pottery Barn magazine and ten tiny... percentages off! I can already hear the hum hum humm-along of the holiday music now. And in all seriousness (because this is a VERY serious matter), my husband asked me last night where, in our new place, did I think our Christmas tree should be positioned.

Cannot wait.

Pottery Barn owns my heart.


  1. It's crazy how when October comes, we're bombarded with all the holidays at once! Even though it's a bit hectic, it's still my favorite time of year!

  2. Nice decoration.^^
    Maybe follow each other on BLOGLOVIN and GFC???
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  3. Hi there,
    just wanted to say thank you for stopping by my blog earlier! :)

    And I must confess, I had the same thoughts the other day. I always try to calm myself down, saying it is too early to think about Christmas, but I get so excited I can't help it...

    Lovely decorations by the way!

  4. I can't wait to put my Christmas decorations up this year. I am going to do it before Thanksgiving. My son was asking me today if we could put the tree up and I thought.... hmmm... but no, that might be a touch too early! Ha ha!


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