A new backyard.

One of the most exciting and intimidating aspects about moving to a new city is the landscape. That area surrounding you, left unknown until now. A multitude of new attractions, places and people to meet. In an attempt to take advantage of a beautiful brisk Sunday in the early days of November, hubbie and I decided on breakfast and the zoo. Not an entirely creative idea, mind you, but it sufficed just the same. I had been eyeing up Waffle House around the corner and Cincinnati's zoo is one of the city's larger attractions. Oh hell, why not? And what an adorable abundance of baby animals! Baby zebras, monkeys, camels, giraffes... I was pleasantly surprised.

Say hello sloth.

love monkeys.

little cat.

Big Cat.

And behold, my newest, most favorite creature on the planet: the Red Panda. My poor husband had to endure multiple attempts by me to drag him back to their little den, just to watch these adorable furballs munch away on their bamboo.

One word: adorable.

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