Life in the 1880's.

If you love Jane Austen, you'll simply adore Daisy Goodwin's The American Heiress. I was skeptical at first but, as a true testament to any good book, once finished I was left instantly craving more. There's something so enchanting about the long gowns and way of life during the 1880's. Perhaps it's because the mannerisms and politeness seen during that time period are so utterly foreign in today's society. Imagine ladies strolling the streets with their parasols to prevent a tan. Oh, but how silly of a notion!

Update: If you enjoy this book, may I highly recommend Downton Abbey, a television series on PBS. The book referenced the show in its reviews, and until now, it was unknown to me. Let it be said that I consumed two seasons within two days. A++!

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  1. I love Jane Austen & Downton Abbey (just finished the 3rd season). I may have to pick this one up to read over Christmas. Thanks for the suggestion!


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