Christmas comes but once a year...

All of the usual Christmas happenings are... well, happening. There's been a surplus of red and green cupcakes, holiday music and gingerbread lattes. All of the usual trimmings for this time of year. We also managed to snag a Christmas tree for $25 less than originally marked. 'Tis the season for negotiation! And what to do when you find your wallets empty of any cash to tip the nice gentleman who helped wrap your green-limbed selection? Well, a scratch off lottery ticket will just have to do!

We've also been partaking in those small traditions that are more personal to the two of us. Ornaments won't be hung until the popcorn and cranberries have been strung. And plastic, store-bought houses to decorate underneath the Christmas tree? Well I dare say not! Hubs and I have created a tradition of painting ceramic houses every year to create a more sentimental memory, an idea I stole from my own parents whose hand painted town was always a hit with my sisters and I growing up. And lastly, the pinky swear I made with my husband that every other year he gets to decorate the tree however his little heart desires. What does that mean exactly? For "my" years, it means vintage-like ornaments in gold and silver, small twinkling white lights and bows. My husband, however, has an affinity towards extra large multi-colored lights, candy colored canes, (hideous) strings of tinsel and a gaudy star to top the tree. Oh, lucky tree. But hey, a promise is a promise!


  1. pretty <3

  2. I love that you are stringing cranberries and popcorn! I've never done it, but this is so cute!


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