Getting to know an (almost) makeup-less face.

Sometimes the mere thought of putting makeup on in the morning is enough to make me cringe. Cringe, yes. Avoid putting it on? Well, not quite. It's the silent signal that I'm ready to start my day. My mask. And it's become so routine that I don't feel quite like myself without it. How many times have I uttered an apology to my husband for not having applied my "face" yet? Too many; that's how many. If I'm honest, my naked face looks, I've always thought, a little sickly. Ironically, one of the only times I didn't feel this way followed a bout of sickness when I hadn't possessed the energy to apply makeup for a few days. I remember thinking, wow, my face actually looks...brighter? Ironic, huh? Not quite the thing you expect to see following an illness. The exact opposite in fact. So it got me thinking...what if I reacquaint myself with my makeup-less face? Maybe a few days "off" will do my skin some good. Can I still feel confident without it? Will I get used to going au-naturale? Will it look natural? It could become my mirror's new normal. We all know them. The ladies who don't wear much, if any, makeup and still pull it off. Could that be me one day? Ok, realistically - probably not, but who said it's not worth trying?

I'm all for trying. I don't work, after all, so I'm afforded the luxury of a M-F test without having to face an office full of co-workers. I am requesting one exception, however. Mascara. I simply cannot do without. Long black eyelashes are too feminine to give up and my barely-there light brown ones just aren't making the cut. If I sacrifice my concealer, foundation, powder, blush, eyeshadow and eyeliner... well, phew, I still think that's quite the accomplishment.

Could a cold splash of water and a wand of mascara be enough in the morning to take on the day? Let's give this a go, shall we?

Mascara - only.


  1. just found your blog from the Daybook and i love it. i completely agree with your thoughts about make up, i feel the same way. it is such a struggle sometimes! anyways, you are adorable!

  2. You are Gorg!! I envy you, such beautiful skin!!

  3. should never wear makeup again. You have the most gorgeous skin and freckles!!! I'm a "mascara-only" girl too, but that's out of pure laziness...not because I can get away with it.

    I hope you keep up the almost makeup-lessness. It's great (and so is your blog--newest follower).


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