Forever & ever.

I just finished eating ramen. You know, of the noodle variety. I watched Celeste & Jesse Forever... alone. Loved it. A nice reminder of the messy bits in life. So now I'm drinking wine and listening to music, which naturally is a great combination. I wasn't having a particularly great day earlier. Irritable and indecisive. Those are my worst days. So now I'm enjoying a messy Saturday night, where the dishes go unwashed, the bathroom sink dirty and no one to see my unimpressive outfit. But hey, who cares right? Every now and then it's nice to let your hair down (or, in my case, to throw it up in a messy bun) and not mind every once in awhile. Let the lines blur. Let all the perfect plans fall to the wayside. I hope you're out there somewhere enjoying your weekend evening, no matter what that happens to look like.

Here's to you. Enjoying all that life has to offer. Even the messy bits.

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