Gently bubbling.

I may be getting a wee bit ahead of myself with all of these ramblings about autumn scented this and pumpkin flavored that. There is absolutely nothing wrong with hot and sunny August afternoons, besides those tiresome neeeever eeeeending 85 degree temperatures outside. 

So in the spirit of a slowly fading Summer (yay?), I'd like to show off one of my new besties. Her name is Organic Elderflower Presse. Doesn't she just sound sweet and lovely? We first met at Fresh Market. If you're not yet acquainted with this chain of grocery store, I highly recommend you try one... should you find yourself so lucky to live in proximity that is.

Now, bare in mind that Organic Elderflower Presse and I are still getting to know each other.  Out of common courtesy, I ask that you please don't inquire about the specifics pertaining to elderflower. I really couldn't say. I can definitively tell you, however, that this lovely drink tastes and looks a lot like lemonade. A brilliantly delicious lemonade perfect for late August afternoons.

Hence, my lemon prop :)

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