Artsy smartsy.

I have a deep appreciation for those quirky, a little off their rockers, type of people. You know the kind. The oval shaped ones. No squares here.

Sometimes you're good at something but lack passion. I think that might be my issue. Or else, maybe I'm just really, really lazy. I posted about my artistic abilities in this post here and haven't lifted a pencil since. Why? Well, I can't quite put my finger on it.

I'm drawn to artsy people though. I admire them from afar, anyway, like some type of tropical flower that needs closer inspection. I think I admire their courage to be different the most. Maybe that's my problem. Maybe I lack courage. Maybe I've been trying so hard to blend in that it's inhibiting my true abilities. Blame it on the red hair. I like to think on a subconscious level I'm aware of my inability to completely blend into a crowd. So maybe it's a self esteem issue then?

Maybe I like to keep my artistic abilities locked up inside, away from prying eyes, because I lack the self-esteem to proudly prance around announcing how different I am.

Oh my. If that's the case, I feel sad...for me. 

Or maybe, as I said before, I just lack passion. If I truly loved doing something, wouldn't I be doing it? Even if it was just in the privacy of my own home?

I may not paint on canvas, but I do love painting for hours on end those little holiday, under the Christmas tree, village houses.  I also do occasionally enjoy pretending to be a photographer. Or dipping my toes into the DIY world every now and then. And I'm clearly not too embarrassed to post my random writings on the internet.

Although, admittedly, I've never really truly tried to be a great blogger. Just look at those huge gaping time lapses between posts. Or the fact that I don't have sponsors, or buttons, or an incredible layout and graphics. Or, followers. Ha ha. In fact, I'm surprised you're even reading this right now! Thank you for taking a liking to my half-assed attempt at blogging.

Half-assed. I think that's my problem. I really like people who go in with their whole ass because I'm only ever giving it a half-assed attempt. Maybe if you don't ever truly try, then you can never truly fail. Mmm.. I think I might be onto something.

What do you think?

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  1. If you only go in a little but you are naturally good at something, or good enough, then you can do things and always say you are a beginner. People will tell you how good you are for a newby. If you take lessons or try and get better then it puts your status at risk. Other peoples talent at higher levels then comes into you could fail. Solution: do a little bit of everything and always call yourself a beginner and continue to get compliments! Ha I think you should go in all the way where your art is concerned..not just drawing.


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