Why in the hell....?!

"Jesus, Mary and Joseph!"


"Christ all mighty!" 

It's been awhile since I've posted a random pondering of mine. And, well, here's one for you. This whole business of using the Lord's name in vain. Did you ever stop and think about what it is people are actually muttering, spluttering or cursing? It's ludicrous really. And I want to know how it started.

Maybe it began as an actual prayer. As in, something happened and someone yelled out in a moment of desperation for assistance... "Oh, God. Help me!" And then perhaps over centuries it somehow evolved into a mere muttering under the breath. More like an "Oh for Christ's sake." Grrrr.

That grr changed everything.

Or maybe people just started using all of these names in vain because they were told not to do it. Kind of like if you tell me I'm never allowed to eat cheese again and then how ALL I WANT TO DO IS EAT CHEESE afterwards.

Who knows?

No, really...who actually knows the reason? I'm curious and my husband was incapable of procuring a satisfactory answer to my random inquiry last night as we were attempting to go to bed :)

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