I see...

Alrighty, so let's see....where did we leave off? Oh, yes. My cozy chat with the psychic! It happened as scheduled.  Amazingly, she repeated a lot of what she had previously said over a year ago which was somewhat miraculous, in and of itself, although not quite as exciting to hear everything said the second time around.

I asked her if she thinks we'll ever move back to the northeast and she said no. We'll move somewhere warmer. Not all that bad, I'd say!

She mentioned us buying a 3 bedroom house.

And to stay away from someone named Donna, when I meet her. She's very negative. (That one made me chuckle)

She didn't see much shifting with respect to my career. More of the same, but that there are some changes coming in the company. A little vague.

She also said that a very good year is in store for my husband and I.

Oh, and that my sister-in-law will get remarried around the age of 35 - 36.

We chatted about a great many other things too but of a more sensitive nature so unfortunately I'll just have to leave you guessing for now :) All in all, I got all of my questions answered and feel I got my fill of psychic intuition, which should last me a good amount of time!

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