Melty mints.. or whatever they're called.

When I was younger, one of the greatest treats to visiting my Grandmother were the plentiful jars of gingersnaps, jelly beans and mint chocolates she kept lined up in her kitchen and living room. My Grandmother and I, you see, share an equal love of all things sweet.
So when my sweetest canine started craving some of these chocolate mints from days gone by, I knew, just knew,  I had to have them. You can imagine my utter dismay to find that our local grocery chain doesn't carry them. And so my search continued over the span of ever more desperate days.
First, I realized very quickly that these mints don't seem to have a definitive name. I was getting misdirected to dutch mints and the like as I tried to call all of our local candy shoppes in my quest to find these lovely ladies.
After many failed attempts at different grocery and candy stores alike, I took my search online. Apparently they're most notoriously known as Smooth and Melty mints. Well, now I know! I ended up finding a small bag at none other than the giant known as Walmart. Oh, and don't bother looking in the candy aisle. You won't find them there. Check up front near their wine & cheese displays. I kid you not. I had to actually request assistance from customer service to help me locate these candies, which led to a search by the store manager, which led us to cheese. Oh, and they're not called Smooth and Melty mints at Walmart. They're called Mini Melt Away Mints. Ha!
So there you have it: How I ended my Wednesday victorious with a stomach full of minty pastels and an absolute gluttonous smile spread across my face.

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