Springing forward.

I've been busy as a bee lately preparing for Spring. I'm sure it's a season we can all attest to appreciating. By that same token, I assume we can also all agree that the snowflakes falling outside my window right now are of a most unfortunate nature.

Luckily the early morning song of birds will confirm that we're not too far from days of green.

And so with that inspiration in mind, I decided to try my hand at wreath making. I've been recently eyeing up the beauties popping up everywhere but couldn't digest spending $60+ on an ornamental fixture for my front door. While perusing the options online, I came to the abrupt conclusion that it would be far more superior to my wallet if I tried to decorate one myself instead. I am by no means stating that my final product is worth the pretty penny of other far more beautiful specimens, but it did create an easy fix and only cost around $15.

Necessary ingredients: A grapevine wreath, some pretty burlap ribbon, twill, a wooden letter, paint (if you prefer), some fake greenery and a hot glue gun. All available at your local Hobby Lobby or Joann Fabrics.

After some adjusting, tying, hot glue gunning and painting (the R), I'm pretty satisfied with my final product. My hand made creation has made a home hanging in the interior of our house, on our laundry room door, while I await Spring's arrival. I've really grown to love the rustic element it brings to the room and am finding the prospect of hanging it outside a bit alarming, although I did a test run today (photo below).

Front Door

or Laundry Room?
Perhaps an additional wreath is in my future. And hey, why not?! I already have the majority of materials.

At this rate, I'm going to become a wreath making master in no time!

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  1. we've been having similar weather! despite it being spring, one day it'll be in the high 60s and the next in the mid 40s!

    i love your DIY on this wreath--it's so cute! you rarely see wreaths except for in the fall and winter. can't wait to try this out myself! ;)

    alissa b


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