Sun, sweet tea and a good book.

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The last two afternoons have been like a magic oasis of sunshine and warmth. Both days, I've rushed home and have headed straight for our backyard with some sweet tea and lemon, my puppster, and a library book in hand. It's been blissful. The sun rays are my daily dose of medicine and I've been yearning for as much vitamin D as possible, somehow just knowing that soaking it up will clear away all that built up winter malaise.

On the other more dreary days, I've kept myself satisfied stocking up on self tanner, a new purse (I think my last purchase was over two years ago. I kid you not) and trying to find affordable sundresses. I've decided this will be my summer of the dress. I've vowed to wear one each and every weekend. Forgotten will be the shorts and my discomfort at wondering whether they're too short or if my legs look firm enough to pull them off. Bring forth the flowy, the preppy and the pretty frocks that I will don instead!

Oh, and I've of course been trying to scrub off the winter grime and expose the green tint to my thumb again. Seeds have sprouted and daily nurturing has commenced. I've planted my usual - organic parsley (mainly because I found an adorable, rustic pot from TJ Maxx a few years back with the words parsley carved into it). But this year I've also been trying my hand at container tomatoes (organic as well, naturally) and some dancing cosmos. I also tossed in some English Daisies for good measure. I've stayed simple in my planting. No heat mats or special lamps required. The real excitement comes, however, when all of our local nurseries start overflowing with beautiful flowers and plants ripe for the picking.

Isn't this time of the year just the best?!

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  1. That sounds and looks like heaven - Autumn is my favourite time of year - for sure !

    Hope you are well



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