2 days later, originally written January 15th, 2012.

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January 15, 2012

It's slowly starting to sink in. Slowly. I'm pregnant. I haven't actually announced it to anyone, except for hubby of course. This is still our special secret, held closely between just us. And in a way, I like it better like this. Sure, I'm beyond excited to share the news but, for now, this is ours

The prospect of life changing, in such a a dramatic way, is a little intimidating. It just dawned on me, for instance, that my next drink will be in... nine months. Nine months?! That is a LONG time. And oh my. Summer. Bikinis. I'll be pregnant. Very pregnant. I guess I probably won't be able to attend that wedding in August anymore either if I can't fly. And those Doritos. Probably should be a pass. I went grocery shopping and I don't think I've ever purchased so many fruits and vegetables in one trip. And what do you mean, cold cuts are off limits? What will I eat for lunch?! It's overwhelming. The number of baby names, which I'm frantically trying to digest now, are overwhelming. Overwhelmingly exciting. All of it. The prospect of a nursery. When do you do these things? When is it appropriate to buy baby furniture? Surely not until after the three month mark. All of these new to-do's. I welcome all of them with open arms. Right this moment, all I can see is now. This moment. The future moments, they will come and they will wait. I don't want to think about the unknown. The scary. The unthinkable. The future. Just.this.moment. which belongs only to me. My days are already brighter than ever before. Curious. This revolving life of mine. 

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