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I mentioned in the last post that we had shared the news of my first pregnancy with a few people, including our families. Although things didn't work out, for posterity's sake, I'd still like to note how I went about doing so. 

At the time, I was so overjoyed that a simple phone call didn't seem quite adequate. Instead, I invited my side of the family over to our house for a small get together and pretended that I'd forgotten to give them a Christmas gift. A tiny box was wrapped and upon opening it, the words "crack me" were written on the underside of the lid. I had blown out an egg, painted the exterior and had inserted a small rolled up piece of paper that, once the egg was cracked, delicately revealed the news that we were expecting. It was the daintiest, cutest way I could think of to announce the news.

ROSYRILLI.COM Egg pregnancy announcement

Unfortunately I don't have a photograph, but we varied our approach slightly for my husband's family. While visiting, we all went out to a local spot for some pizza and beer. I sensed that they were onto us so I made sure my order also included a tall Miller Lite and then proceeded to pretend to sip it. Oh, the trickster I was! We then offered them a small wrapped box to open as well. Inside this version, we placed two teeny tiny rolled up newborn boy and girl onesies. 

It was such a special moment with both families that, although the pregnancy didn't stick, I'll forever cherish. 

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