Marbles lost, originally written August 3rd, 2012.

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August 3, 2012

Ok, it's official. I'm officially losing my marbles. In a moment of sheer boredom, I looked up my August horoscope and found this here little tidbit of information...
"Venus and Neptune will be in ideal sync on August 9, bringing a potentially highly romantic day. The moon will be in Taurus, so the moon will add her own sprinkles on top of your cupcake, making this an all-around happy day for love. Neptune has recently set up a 14-year stay in your house of established love partner, so with pretty, fun-loving Venus contacting Neptune in that house, if you are attached, you may have plenty to celebrate on this day. "
So, if a certain someone doesn't come to visit me on August 9th, I will be checking for a plus sign on a certain stick. Ironic that it falls on the same day? Hmm. Or maybe it was written in the stars. I am totally off my rocker at this point.
If all of my dreams and wishes happen to come true, I will be posting this. If not, I will promptly be deleting my loony tune thoughts pronto in embarrassment. So, I guess if you're reading this now, it's a good GOOD sign! :)


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