Trying.. maybe too hard? Originally written July 12th, 2012.

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July 12, 2012
I've adopted a new theory. Want to hear it? Oh, okay... great! I just knew you would. So this is how it goes:

Lets just say we throw out all of the ovulation calendars, the non-stop focus on nursery decor and the obsessive healthy eating. We'll keep that daily vitamin though. Oh yes, because after all, I do like my fingernails and hair strong and long (why does that sound so dirty?!). Yes, vitamins will stay. Now, let's focus instead on having fun. Remember those days? Way back when. Let's bring them back. The Thirsty Thursdays and the mornings where we took more than 20 minutes to get ready for our day. Let's throw clothing on the floor until we find the outfit that looks just right. Let's pretend every night is date night. And hey, let's drink in the shower, play loud music and stay up too late. Speaking of late, lets be late. And maybe even a little messy. Let's have those crazy, wild times without worrying about what time of the month it is. We'll be the spontaneous, sexy girlfriend again instead of the nagging, perfectionist wife we've unconsciously evolved into overnight. Let's hide the gardening gloves, cleaning supplies and those pesky little comments from hubby. They can be saved for a rainy day when he's not looking. And let us see what happens. Why not?! Hell, I've noticed a rather annoying trend over the course of my life. Doesn't it always seem like the Snooki-like gals are the ones always getting knocked up? Am I right or am I right? Never in a million years would I think that life lessons from a 4 foot Snook would be a good idea, but yes, it is true. That day has come. So, here my sweet friends, commences my 30 day trial. I've tried the other route of trying. It's exhausting. And honestly, a little depressing. Especially when you've tried so hard and done everything by the book all month long only to be rewarded with what? Oh yeah. That's right. Your now even-more-depressing period. So that's it. It ends here and now. I'm trying for fun and exciting instead. It's time to throw caution to the wind kids (sort of). Who knows? Maybe it'll even make life a little happier in the process.
My husband won't even know what hit him ;)

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