Two weeks, originally written July 31st, 2012.

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July 31, 2012

The two week waiting game. Oh, it is ON! I was really tempted to finish that statement with, "like Donkey Kong" but I stopped myself short of cheesy. Although, now that I've written about my almost-intentions, I might as well have written it. I digress! So, this is secretly my favorite time of the month, mostly because I get to oh-so-secretly fantasize about what could be happening. I haven't quite decided whether this habit of mine is a good or bad thing. On one hand, they say that you shouldn't think about getting pregnant too much while you're trying to get pregnant (which, for the record, is impossible). On the other hand, I'm so excited about the what-if's that all of my thoughts are pleasantly positive, which is a good thing right? Positive. Positive. Positive.

We invited my sister and her fiance over this past weekend for some wine, Parcheesi (yes, it is my new fav) and dinner downtown. At the end of the night, when it was just her and I chatting on the guest bedroom bed, she confided in me that she has a feeling that I may get pregnant this month. I would have never before considered myself to be superstitious, seeing as I wholeheartedly appreciate logic, however I find myself oddly comforted by gut feelings, instincts and psychics alike.. so I'm going with it! I've actually had to avoid the urge to go visit my favorite lady in purple. My last experience with a palm reader wasn't very great, so I've been holding off. Anywaaaay, I guess getting my hopes up for two weeks makes it that much harder when they're dashed, which has been the trend for the past 3 months. I will count this as a point earned for me though in the mommy-to-be department because what type of person would I be if I weren't dreaming up the days when the pee stick will have two lines? Would it be better if I didn't care? If I didn't even give it a second thought? What type of careless person do you think I am?! See, positive. Positive. Positive.

I even avoided pepperoni on my pizza today. I can, after all, sacrifice for a week or two at the end of the month, you know... just in case :)

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