And then there was one, originally written February 7th, 2014.

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February 7, 2014

My 12 day ultrasound went down (pun intended) two days ago. It was a wreck of a morning which involved little sleep (for unrelated reasons), lots of snow and ice on the ground, and a rapidly increasing sense that I was going to be awfully late for the appointment... which to my great surprise I was not. The office was quiet, probably from cancellations, but I was happy enough to be there and to see, once and for all, what my ovaries have been up to these past two weeks.

My left ovary came out the winner, with one follicle measuring 22mm, whatever that means. I had two other follicles, one on each ovary, measuring 10 and 13 or some such numbers, inconsequential from what I was told. So there you have it. One strong winner. Although, with the meds I was on, I think my doctor was hoping to see more contenders. Next month, should we have to cross that bridge (fingers crossed, we do not), he's upping my dosage from days 3-7 to 3-9 to see if I respond better. All it takes is one good egg, just one!, so I decided to run with it. And so, the decision to move forward with the IUI was born.

Which brings me to this morning. I have officially, medically, been inseminated!!! They went ahead and put those little swimmers exactly where they need to be and, from what I was told, hubs did good on his portion of the deal and provided a very pretty specimen. So, we're off to the races folks. I didn't take the trigger shot, per my doctor's suggestion. I'm not sure if it had to do with me only having one egg or the fact that ovulation has never really (thankfully) been my issue. Regardless, it makes it a little hard to pinpoint exactly when ovulation is going to occur. I'm putting faith right where it belongs though and trying to keep my little googling fingers at bay from researching all kinds of questions (like how long sperm will live after IUI or whether there are instances of ovulation being prolonged because of the meds I'm on). I'm also following doctor's orders not to use any ovulation predictor kits and to discontinue taking my temperature. I officially have no idea when I'm going to ovulate and I officially am kind of happy about it. I know it would just lead me to over analyze and stress and pluck out perfectly good hairs from my head (kidding about that last one). Besides, knowing doesn't do anything. It won't change the outcome.

And regardless, I plan on supplementing the IUI with natural methods anyway. Wink wink. So now it's just a sit back, gingerly, and await the results kind of show.

Oh, and PS. in case you're wondering, no I did not request, nor did hubby insist, that he be there to witness the miracle that is insemination. I must not be sentimental (no surprise there) because there was absolutely no part of me that yearned for him to be sitting there awkwardly (for that was bound to be the case) watching while another man poked and prodded my lady parts with a catheter. I think if we were doing IVF, and it felt like someone was actually putting a baby in there, I'd have felt differently. But this is just sperm. It certainly doesn't guarantee a pregnancy and it was all just very weird and science-y. Which now that I think about it, maybe my husband would have appreciated, considering he's a scientist..

On a lighter note, a family member asked me whether I was going to give a helping hand to hubby this morning during his baby making adventures. I had to laugh. And for those wondering whether or not I did, the answer is an astounding no. Let the poor man enjoy himself for once!

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