Closeted fantasies, originally written February 12th, 2014.

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February 12, 2014

ROSYRILLI.COM Closeted fantasies

I have a secret stash. I'm pretty positive I'm not the only one either. Should you find yourself in a similar situation as I (aka, not "falling pregnant" overnight), I highly suggest the closeted baby room. Literally, the baby room in a closet. In my defense, I've been pregnant twice now, brief stints that they were, and most purchases were made in a flurry during those times. Most.

I may have mentioned it before (who can keep track with all of these baby posts piling up in hiding for so long!?), but when I was young, I remember wanting to start a baby bin. I thought it would be brilliant to start stockpiling clothing, pacifiers, baby bottles etc. so that one day, when motherhood was upon me, I would be fully prepared. Basically, I was an aspiring hoarder. Luckily, those thoughts stayed swirling in my mind and no purchases were ever made. BPA free didn't even exist back then, right?

So that brings me to today. Or yesterday, to be more specific. I found myself uncharacteristically nonchalant about this whole baby making business. I know my hormones enough to realize that such an easy, breezy blah feeling is only a short hop, skip and jump away from feeling very, very low. Blame it on the progesterone. It gets me every month so that by the time Auntie arrives, I'm as Negative Nancy as it gets.

In an attempt to combat the blues, I sprung for this little gem:

ROSYRILLI.COM Closeted fantasies
Serena & Lily, Hanna Anderson Chevron Bodysuit in Sprout found HERE.

I know. I know. Am I just torturing myself more? Will this just depress me further if our IUI was unsuccessful? I'm not sure. Probably. But for right now, I still want to grasp that little bit of excitement that comes with the experience of trying something new. Maybe THIS will finally be the answer. And as I told a friend yesterday, whether it's this month or some random month two years from now, I know in my heart of hearts that it'll happen. I will make usage of this colorful onesie!

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