Sweating it, originally written October 14th 2013.

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October 14, 2013

Had my pre-op consult this morning with the good doc and I must say, I'm feeling pretty optimistic about everything. I did enjoy one last hurrah this weekend by going down to Kentucky for the Keeneland horse races. I won a few bets, enjoyed quite a bit of wine, bad-for-you food and the company of good friends. Overall, a very enjoyable weekend. Maybe that's why I'm feeling so cheery this Monday morning.

I've been doing some more googling about these whole MTHFR and endometriosis monsters living inside of me. It turns out there may be a loose link between the two. Apparently with MTHFR, part of my inability to absorb certain vitamins also effects my ability to properly expel toxins. And please, do not ask me the specifics. It all sounds like sciency jargin to me. I'm happy with my limited understanding of the "gist" of things.

So anyway, I should supposedly try to sweat each day. You know, that thing I absolutely hate doing? Yeah, that one. It'll supposedly help me release some of those ugly toxins from my body.

I was feeling extra motivated about this whole let's turn this old body around thing-a-ma-jig yesterday while also feeling pretty guilty about all the toxic waste I fed it on Saturday at the horse races. So, in an effort to rid myself of said guilt, I decided it only proper to push myself and go on a run, which is pretty much unheard of in my life especially following a full day of drinking.

It makes a run quite interesting when the sole goal is to sweat as much as possible. Can't say I've ever done that one before. Losing weight: check. Toning: check. Trying to convince myself I'm not working out for the two aforementioned reasons and that it's simply for overall health: check. Sweating to release built up toxins: Nope, not so much on that one. You'd be surprised how easily you can come to hate a breezy, beautiful, perfect-temperature October day. I was kind of longing for the yesterday's of promised 90 degree weather when all I had to do was step outside to feel a little sweat bead forming. I think I worked out for a good 30 minutes in order to produce a sad, sad amount of sweat. But hey, I guess when you're super dehydrated your body probably tries to hold onto what little water it has left.

Regardless, I think it was a step in the right direction. I've also changed my lunch around. I used to religiously eat a deli meat wheat sandwich with cheese, lettuce & mayo, accompanied by an apple and yogurt. I've since cut out the sandwich in place of a salad with nuts. Still working on going organic with the dressing though. And it's a no go on the yogurt since I can't quite convince myself that I like the organic varieties yet. I'm also trying to relinquish my love for all things wheat just in case it turns out I do have endo. Mostly I've been watching how much pizza and pasta I eat, which was pretty much my go-to staple for dinner when I didn't feel like cooking.

I've definitely managed to up my intake of veggies and downplay my wheat consumption. Still can't quite get over my morning bowl of cereal though, although in my defense I have it with organic, whole milk, berries and flax seed. And everything, at this point, is turning organic. I'm not sure my wallet or my husband are quite happy about all of these changes though.

It's interesting how hard a diet feels when it's to lose weight and yet how easy it feels to change your diet when someone tells you that you have something wrong with you.  Or the knowledge that this might be what's holding you back from having a baby. So yeah, whenever I want those chemical laden (as I imagine them to be), unnaturally orange, amazingly delicious chips.. I just ask myself... Baby or chip?

And the answer's always baby.

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