A cute 3 month old baby and new mom jeans.

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Ahhhhh. There is just SO much I want to share and clearly not enough hours in the day to do it. It's not helping that there's a huge pile up of past details from my pregnancy. I haven't even gotten a chance to show-off my my favorite maternity outfits, share how we decided to photograph the growing baby bump or the creative way we decided to share our gender reveal. And then of course there's little Miss Evelyn's photos from birth through 3 months. Oh, and did I happen to mention the whole new level of crazy our lives have taken on since moving to New Jersey? My poor Etsy shop is on a seemingly eternal vacation mode as I scramble to get these days under some semblance of control. I PROMISE that eventually I will catch up to our new lives. 

So, in a last ditch effort to avoid getting too far behind....let's chat about the present. It shouldn't go unnoticed that this weekend our rapidly growing baby girl turned three months old and on Easter no less! So much has changed in those three months that it feels simultaneously like an eternity since she was born but somehow also like a blink of an eye. How does that even happen!? So anyway, here's a few snapshots from Sunday, albeit blurry ones since it was prior to my phone upgrade. Hey, some is better than none right?! 
ROSYRILLI.COM Evelyn Rose turns 3 months old
ROSYRILLI.COM Evelyn Rose turns 3 months old
ROSYRILLI.COM Evelyn Rose turns 3 months old
And that brings me to today. Being with baby has definitely made shopping of any kind more difficult. I now cringe at the thought of going to places without shopping carts and I so easily get exasperated trying to make returns of any sort. Grocery shopping with her is possible but only for the essentials because her car seat alone essentially eats up a good 90% of the cart. There's really no such thing as a quick pop in anywhere. Every single time, there's lugging of her car seat and then the stroller and then back into the car and then the whole "pleaaaase don't cry" attempts being made while the shopping is actually occurring. So anyway, this is just basically a big long excuse for why I was still wearing maternity jeans up until yesterday. Taking on the mall and shopping just wasn't falling too high on my to-do list. Most things, like Evelyn's new Mamas and Papas snug floor seat below (love it!) can be easily ordered online. Unfortunately, jeans and a computer screen don't mix all too well, especially given that my body has changed just enough since pregnancy to make sizing a bit of a mystery. So yeah, we bought jeans today. Regular, normal person jeans. From Loft in fact and at 50% off! Boy did I forget how much I love me a good sale. Can I get a woot-woot!?

ROSYRILLI.COM Mamas and Papas snug floor seat
ROSYRILLI.COM Mamas and Papas snug floor seat
ROSYRILLI.COM New non-maternity jeans
Baby headband: EllureSage on etsy
Jeans: Loft
Baby seat: Mamas & Papas Baby Snug (Teal)


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