A long distance gender reveal.

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ROSYRILLI.COM Gender reveal cards
So remember when I mentioned that I was pretty hesitant and totally awkward about announcing my pregnancy? Well I like to think that I made up for it with our gender reveal. Being so far away from family and friends at first completely bummed me out. It was obvious that there wasn't going to be a small, intimate get-together with family to share the exciting news with colored cake cutting or balloons floating out of boxes. Basically, the vast majority of cute ways that couples typically make gender reveal announcements was completely out of the question for us. But then, I had a total light bulb moment and knew with certainty how I was going to announce our news in a unique and special way.

When I went for the ultrasound at 20 weeks, I was prepared for either scenario but Hubby and I were pretty convinced that the sonogram would confirm I was carrying a boy, I think in part because of what the various psychics had predicted over the years (here and here). We were taken by such surprise and total shock, in a OMG, can you believe it?! kind of way, when we were told that our growing miracle was instead a girl.

Immediately following our appointment, I hopped in my car and proceeded to complete my crafty DIY announcement (I had pre-planned a few days in advance) so that I could send them in the mail that same day. Mail, I had decided early on, was pretty much the only viable option unless I wanted to announce it virtually on Skype or Facetime. I made sure to tell family member's to keep an eye on their mailboxes, which I like to think added to the excitement and anticipation of our news. And then I pretty much sat back and awaited every one's response which was almost as exciting as receiving the news in the first place!

So, exactly what did I send? I had put together gender-neutral cards which stated, "Dear {insert name(s)}, What do you think... Boy or Girl!?" On the card itself, was an envelope stamped with our due date and a small white tag tied with colorful twine and adorned with a baby pin. I stamped the tag with "?!?" and when the recipients pulled the tag, out came another small envelope hidden from within. Inside this envelope I had poured teeny tiny colored beads (pink, in this instance but I had purchased both ahead of time) and a card stamped with the message "It's a... GIRL!"  I truly enjoyed making them, as each one was varied slightly from the next and no two were exactly alike. There were different colored cards, envelopes, ribbons, notes etc. We sent the first round of announcements to family and then I spent the following few evening's creating a multitude of additional announcements to mail to extended family and friends.

ROSYRILLI.COM Gender reveal cards

ROSYRILLI.COM Gender reveal cards
For those that didn't receive a personalized card in the mail, we made sure to share our exciting news on social media with the below photo of us painting the nursery walls sample colors of pink and a caption that read, "Definitely didn't think we'd be painting the walls these colors! Little lady really surprised us!" 
ROSYRILLI.COM Gender reveal on social media
All in all, I was totally smitten with the way both announcements came out. We were able to cultivate a level of excitement even from a distance. And better yet, we now have one of the announcements framed in her nursery as an everlasting keepsake of that amazing moment in my pregnancy.

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