Flashback: Telling friends and family.

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From the day I first found out that our third IUI attempt was successful, I couldn't help myself but to start brainstorming a unique way to inform Mr. Hubs of the gleeful news. I waited until the doctor's office confirmed things were progressing as they should be, in addition to my own multiple pee stick comparisons, and then promptly created the below little gem of a handmade bookmark. I wrapped it up neatly with a bow, along with a book for Daddy-to-be. I think at the time I used newspaper because I didn't have anything else appropriate on hand but, looking back, it's kind of sweet to see that it was right around Easter time as well!

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So while I was over the moon excited to share our news with my husband (thinking about it even now makes me grin from ear to ear), I was a bit more hesitant to announce anything to many of our friends and family. It was tough. Unexpectedly tough in fact. After years of struggling with infertility and loss, here I was, finally pregnant again, bursting with joy, wanting to scream it from the rooftops but also paralyzed by the fear of jinxing myself. Which was just silly, I know (and knew even then), especially considering that after both miscarriages it was the very people whom I had told which ended up being the greatest condolence in those days and weeks following. But alas, the heart wants what it wants. I actually waited until I was a full 16 weeks pregnant to start slowly, and rather awkwardly, sharing the news with the majority of my relatives, co-workers, and close friends. All of the attention and hoopla just felt uncomfortable, especially given that this wasn't my first time at the rodeo and all.

So, my advice to those who find themselves in a suddenly similar, all too thrilling scenario? Even if you're getting pressure from others to spread the news like rapid fire, time is okay. There's no rush. People will be just as excited to find out that you're pregnant when you're 4 months pregnant as they would be to find out at 3 months. Only you can decide when you feel comfortable to make a public announcement...and that extends to social media as well. I personally couldn't bare the thought of posting an ultrasound photo on Facebook, not only because I lived in fear of being forced to later take it down, but also because I knew how difficult it was for me during those infertile years to see other people's photos. So I never did. Basically, this decision is yours and no one else's.

Okay, well unless it's your significant other who decides to spill the beans :)

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