Newborn photos & Minted birth announcements.

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After our little petunia was born, I knew from the beginning that I wanted to use for my birth announcements. Their designs are so precious that it made choosing just one quite exhausting!

But first, we had to get our little 8 day old babe in front of the camera. And that's where lovely Alicia from Alicia B Photography came into play. And let me tell you, Evelyn Rose really made her WORK. I have a new appreciation for all of those teeny tiny sleeping baby photos. Our little girl proved quite fussy and refused to keep her peepers closed. After very long moments of Alicia slowly and lightly trying to move her into positions, she'd startle awake and start wailing, forcing the start of the process all over again. Putting her on her back in baskets? Oh, forget about it! Out of about five cute baskets, we got her to stay put in one. Our little sweet pea, to this day, is very particular and needs at least a day to adjust to new surroundings. I guess certain personality traits don't always fade.

Out of all the adorable photos which Alicia took, only one could come out the true winner for our birth announcements. This was by far my favorite:

ROSYRILLI.COM Newborn photos
I loved the way the announcements turned out and made sure to keep one as a keepsake for Evelyn Rose's baby book. Excuse the quality. Clearly not that of a professional photographer...
ROSYRILLI.COM Birth announcements
And here are the others. How funny to see just how much her eyes and face have changed since those early days.
ROSYRILLI.COM Newborn photos
ROSYRILLI.COM Newborn photosThose little sucked in, pursed lips! 
ROSYRILLI.COM Newborn photosROSYRILLI.COM Newborn photos
And that little itty bitty body!
ROSYRILLI.COM Newborn photos
ROSYRILLI.COM Newborn photosThat frown. Oh, that frown.
ROSYRILLI.COM Newborn photos
ROSYRILLI.COM Newborn photos 
ROSYRILLI.COM Newborn photos
And that lazy smile :)
ROSYRILLI.COM Newborn photosThose piglets!
ROSYRILLI.COM Newborn photos
ROSYRILLI.COM Newborn photosOh my gosh. I just love her, scrunchy face and all.

And now, one from yesterday below. Quite a difference, eh? So exciting to see what changes the future holds!
ROSYRILLI.COM Evelyn Rose at 4 months.

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