Evelyn Rose's nursery 2.0... a re-do!

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So although I love my nursery, I'm definitely cringing inwardly at sharing these photos because the quality is so poor. Nice opening right? Ha!

As a quick recap, my original nursery had to be torn down approximately 2 months after my baby girl was born due to our relocation. I was definitely eager and oh so excited to put her room back together again once we unpacked but knew in my heart that I wanted to tweak a few things. First. since the moving company's packaging job was less than stellar of my original flower mobile, it broke into about five separate pieces (insert tear drop). It was such a focal point for the last nursery that I knew I wanted to remake it...and then I got a bit carried away and made a handful more! The one featured in the photos below is actually currently for sale on my RosyRilli etsy shop if you're interested ;)

Next, it was obvious that I needed to replace my soft, pretty curtains of yester-nursery with some new blackout versions. Evelyn's current room has a rather large window which makes it bright and beautiful (and awful to try and photograph with an iphone!). All of that bright light makes it kind of miserable trying to put a young babe down for a nap in the middle of the day. I tried HomeGoods, which was my go to for all other apartment curtains, but wasn't impressed with the quality of their stock. After some extensive online research, I ultimately chose the Best Home Fashion's brand because they received such positive reviews. It's deceptively difficult to find lighter colored blackout curtains that will actually do the trick and, I must say, this brand's didn't disappoint!

During my shower, I received a cute bird cage shaped wrought iron hanging piece (what would you even call this???) and  decided to use it to display some of the details of our daughter's birth. A pocket watch to show the time, a cloth measuring tape to reflect her height and a cute calendar month page to display the birth date. As a quick side story: I had originally purchased 2014's calendar seeing as our baby girl was due in December but when I went over my due date and realized she was going to be a 2015 baby, I immediately reached out to the ShannonPix etsy shop I had purchased the 2014 version from to see if I could buy the new year. Shannon was such a doll and sent me the month of January for free of charge! Her photography is absolutely stunning (unlike my own, as clearly displayed below) and I highly recommend her shop for anyone looking for adorable calendars. Ok, so back to this hanging piece. A little section of our Christmas tree from the season Evelyn was born in is also pinned up, as well as her birth announcements from Minted.com. Still haven't quite figured out a way to portray weight in a unique way though so if anyone has any cute ideas, let me know!

Hmm... so what else? Well, let's see. I still use my original changing pad cover from Carousel Designs but also use the one featured below from the same company. It's the Rose Pink Damask pattern if anyone's interested. 

After the birth, when my parents came to visit us, my dad brought the original scale his parent's used to weigh him as a baby! It was too precious to pass up so I decided to use it in the nursery. It's now a placeholder for Evelyn Rose's stuffed animals. It matches perfectly with the whole soft and vintage vibe. Oh, and my childhood dollhouse has made its grand entrance into her room as well. How funny is it that the only piece of furniture I still have for it is a tiny crib that looks like a small replica of the one I ended up purchasing for Evelyn Rose!

I'm aware, by the way, that I've been terrible lately at posting photos on here of my sweet baby girl. I've been a little obsessed lately with instagram and find it so much easier and faster to upload them there. If you'd like to follow along, my name is rosyrilli... surprise surprise!

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