Elbow pads.

Oh me, oh my. Look at this little corner I forgot all about! Neglected, that's one word that comes to mind. Sorry beetles. I guess I've just been carried away with life, not minding the absence of documenting tid bits here and there. But no mind you. I'm still here kickin'.

A brief briefing:

Loving Passion Pit, Carried Away. It reminds me of work. Grooveshark it.

I work at Red Bull now. Well, actually, one of their distribution centers. I also love that too. And the fact that I get to jam out all day to whatever music my little heart desires... like Passion Pit. On an iPod with speakers in the lobby. Oh yes.

I'm slowly falling in love with country music. I know, I know. Dont' get me started. I caught myself actually trying to convince my sisters that it was worth listening to and I may have accidentally sent them an email with a link to all of my favorite songs.. 2 minutes ago. Oops.

We went to a comedy club tonight. The headliner was a skinny, bearded, hipster and I think I mostly stared at his padded elbows all night in wonder. Hah! I don't even know what to call them, those circly things where the elbows should be on a jacket. I just kept pondering, is this guy real? I thought I only read about these wonders on other people's blogs. How I would love to get totally smashed with one of these characters. I don't think my husband shared my enthusiasm. Then again, I've always been oddly attracted to people opposite myself. Where's the fun in finding someone exactly like you. How boring, right? Right?! But alas, that's what I find most people want.. someone exactly like themselves. Dull.

No offense. Not that you're one of those people.

Not that I'm above and beyond interesting myself. Clearly, not all that much.. or I'd have more to to write about.

Ah, just one of those nights. Warm air, flicker of candlelight in the breeze. Music.

Just                 r                        e                            l                                a                          x

And on and on it goes...