Halloween this year was... interesting, to say the least. I should clarify, our Halloween party was interesting. As most of the Northeast knows, Saturday felt a little bit like Christmas, complete with snow flakes-a-plenty. The end result? A rather differing guest list than originally anticipated. No worries though! This did not hamper our festivities in the least. In fact, the weather quite inspired some decor ideas.

A not so typical October evening:

Oh, why hello! Welcome! Come join us for the celebration! 


And then, just when you thought you knew what you were getting your ridiculously costumed self into, enter: our house.  To the tune of Christmas music...

Apparently, not everyone shares in our humor. Halloween at Christmas. The snow. Photographs in front of the Christmas tree, while dressed in your crazy costume. Santa's Coming to Town playing softly in the background.  Oh the irony! It really hit my funny bone. 

Hi! Just call me Caddy!

All in all, a very humorous, VERY entertaining party. Oh, and did I forget to mention our unexpected Russian guests? Yes, we had a few of those too. They apparently like coffee. And Jack Daniels. Did I mention that it was a very memorable evening? 

A little late night action.

So scandilous!

Oh my my! The firewall at my company is apparently still sleeping this morning so I'm taking this opportunity to sneak a quick post. So taboo of me!  Briefly, I'd like to point out the fact that there's an interesting phenomenon which takes place when one gets married: The clock is reset. All of those years prior to your oh so special day are seemingly erased. Not literally, mind you, but as a couple you stop keeping track of the date you started dating. You know, the original anniversary. Yesterday, we noted that it was our unofficial 5 year mark. So in honor of this prestigious event, I've decided to post a very embarrassing photograph of our earlier days. Oh the memories! Oh, how I do NOT miss that college frat room! ;)

Enjoy your weekend! Costumes on the way...

Book of firsts.

I was rummaging through old boxes in our basement when I stumbled upon this little gem. The original. My baby book! Oh my, was it entertaining to read through those first encounters. To all moms out there, DO take the time to update your books. Because one day, very far away, your 27 year old child will be reading through it in amusement. 

I left the best for last. Okay, or I just realized I never uploaded the photo of hubby and I from our camping trip this weekend. But hey, it's never too late...right?

My weekend review.

Well hello my little apricots. This post will need to be short because I'm unfortunately feeling quite a bit under the weather. The cold months are indeed upon us. I wanted to share a little snapshot of our weekend in between sniffles. Many times weekends pass too quickly but occasionally others seem to simmer so you can fully savor the flavor. And that, my friends, was this weekend in a nutshell! We got a little taste of everything: Friend time. Family time. Alone time.  Friday evening was spent socialized downtown at one of our favorite breweries. Saturday morning, we joined my parents for a camp out which ended up being both relaxing and delicious. How we've waited until October to do this is truly beyond me.  The next morning, we snatched up our little Teacup and introduced her to Boathouse Row outside of Philly. It was the perfect, sunny, crisp October day for a stroll along the river. I really cannot get enough. 

Fire master Frank.

Mom and hubby.

What to do? Bocce ball in a rugged terrain makes for more interesting games.

My mom, always the interior (or in this case, exterior) decorator.

Who said camping has to be limited to s'mores?  Steak, potatoes and broccoli... oh my!


My husband doesn't send me emails or texts throughout the day at work. It's just not his thing. Try as I might, I haven't yet succeeded in breaking this non-habit of his. Just the other day, I happened across an ancient email from our college era days in which I was scolding him for his lack of communication abilities. Apparently things haven't change much. Although, admittedly, he no longer refers to me as Ms. Freckly Fox. I, however, take enjoyment out of occasionally sending him little notes of admiration while at work. About 2 minutes ago in fact , mid-text, I received a text from him. You can imagine my delight and wonderment at the fact that we were both thinking about each other at the same.exact.moment. Now, that my friends, is true love :)

Delicious date night.

Movie Tavern. Dinner and a movie? Check. Have you heard of this amazing new venue yet? I'm officially in love with both the concept and the place. Last night hubby and I decided to venture far and wide to test drive this unique movie theater. Noticeably missing was the popcorn perfume that normally resonates throughout theaters. And you know, I didn't even miss it which is pretty incredible. I know! Perhaps it was because of the full bar inside. Or the tasty food options that went beyond kernels and candy. This place has such a warm cozy vibe, it's unbelievable. Where else can you carry a glass of wine with you through the ticket line? Just picture large, comfy chairs. A personal armchair table, complete with tempting red button. The theaters are more quaint and so you're surrounded by less people. There are waiters! Actual waiters that come to your rescue with beverages and food of your choice throughout the showing. All with a little tap of that special red button. It's the most amazing concept ever. And sure, was our wallet slightly lighter for it? Yeah but you know what, the experience is well worth it. Date night, you have just risen to a whole new level.

Entertaining amusements.

According to,
Showing or characterized by quick and inventive verbal humor: "a witty remark".

People are truly entertaining to me.  In my world, human behavior is always in a constant flux of amusing. I probably should have become a psychologist, come to think of it. Because here's the thing - there's motivation behind your every.single.action, whether you personally are willing to acknowledge it or not. This is also the exact reason I will never be considered witty. Before I speak, I've already mentally predicted the effects my words will have or the way in which they will be perceived. And I do this always, sometimes unconsciously. I've noted in life that most people don't reflect on their words or actions as much as I do. As I said, witty will never be an adjective someone uses to describe me. I'm okay with that for now. 

I'm rambling on about language because I'm in constant observation of the people around me. And on occasion, I'm baffled. This is one of those times, my friends. Hubby and I had the pleasure of attending our nephew's 3 year birthday party this past weekend. There were smiling, sometimes screaming, children everywhere. Or at least it felt that way to someone without kids. The interesting takeaway to said party was not the children's actions, but the parents themselves. Almost everyone in attendance, at some time or other, made a point to tell my husband and I that we were either lucky we didn't have children yet, to think carefully if we were to ever remotely consider children or to just plain put it off. I guess that's not that unusual really. I'm pretty sure I've heard similar sentiments spoken in the past. What I'm grappling with is the reason why. I'm sure when they were childless themselves, they weren't spewing such silly things. Once you join the club, is it part of the initiation that you must tell others not to do it too? I'm sure every parent there could have easily shared some amazing, awestruck moment experienced from their personally created offspring. Are the positives outweighed by the negatives?  Do they all secretly long for their childless days? Are they trying to forewarn of the disaster to come? What gives!? You hear it often but why? The most appreciated and honest feedback was received from the mother of three very rambunctious boys who calmly put it this way, "It's really pretty easy to raise children. It just takes up a lot of your time." At least there's some truth to that answer. Well I hope :)

Hide and seek.

I found my motivation! You know how I know? I slaved in our teeny kitchen for a few hours yesterday evening preparing a new recipe for hubby. Apron and all. And let's be honest. That only happens when I'm in a really good mood. Isn't it nice that he benefits from my good humor? And in case you're interested, it turned out very well if I do say so myself! It's been a good week indeed. And you know how I know that? It's Thursday and I don't know where the week went. Weeks that fly by are always welcome in my book. Just not the cherished weekends.

Now may I kindly introduce to you...
Parmesan crusted chicken with tomato basil salad

Happy soon-to-be Friday!