It all started when I bought the wrong cheese at the grocery store. Parmesan instead of Mozzarella. Amateur mistake, I know. So in my mad dash through the market, I passed by a stand touting these babies:

Lay's Kettle Cooked Creamy Mediterranean Herb Flavored Potato Chips

Geesh. What a mouth full... of pure goodness, that is! I started on that bag before I even pulled out of my parking spot and holy will power. It's taking all I have to finish the baked basil tomato gnocchi which was cause for my grocery run in the first place. That "all natural" isn't fooling anyone. These little devils are absolutely delicious. I highly recommend you buy a bag. Like, yesterday. You will not be disappointed.


Deliciousness found here.

Put your records on.

This little vintage record player is actually a...  wait for it...

pencil sharpener

How ridiculously cute is that? If you're anything like me and adore vintage, than this is a must buy. AND this way-too-cute keepsake cost me less than $3. There were other unique die cast shapes available also which my sister snatched up but that I unfortunately failed to photograph. All in all, way too adorbs!

Breakfast for dinner.

The perfect solution to any snowed in Saturday night. Homestyle waffles, fresh strawberries, maple syrup and just a dollop of whipped cream. Mmm...

A biography of you.

While in college, I checked out exactly one book from the vast Paterno Library: A biography about Audrey Hepburn. It was all very preppy and collegiate of me. I diligently read my hard copy from cover to cover and it was fascinating in a way I hadn't anticipated.  The first (and last, truth be told), biography I've ever read. How neatly someones entire existence summed up into a few pages! Characteristics perfectly defined. So it made me think. What would someone write about my life? And I'm sure this is pretty standard for a college-age individual to ask. But really, if someone were to write your biography today, what would they say about you? Better yet, what would you want them to say? Be that person.

Image found here.

Comfort & cozy.

THE Phineas Swann Bed & Breakfast Inn. Love, love, LOVE! The experience was so unique, even if it was the anti traditional antics of New Years Eve. After driving though Burlington, VT we made our way to the tiny town of Montgomery Center. There was the market, gas station, pizza & sub shop and then THIS adorable little Inn. I knew, on first sight, that I was going to absolutely love it. 

The owners, Jay & John, were so kind as to comply with a last minute request from my husband: champagne and chocolate covered strawberries, upon entry to our Honeymoon Suite. Imagine my delight in finding such goodies! Our room was so cozy that we, somewhat regrettably, missed out on breakfast each morning (which I've heard is phenomenal) just so that we could stay cuddled up in bed for as long as possible. The room thermostat actually controlled a fireplace so it was utterly amazing to wake up in such a comfortable bed, fire roaring, with a hot cup of freshly made chamomile tea in hand. I honestly could have stayed there forever!
Not a bad way to start the trip!
A long drive, well worth the trip.
Teacup was greeted with her very own doggie bed and bone.
Every nook and cranny of this old farmhouse is filled with such love and charm. From the barberry scented soap to the antique bulldog collections, there is absolutely nothing forgettable about this weekend getaway. It was such a memorable trip, one which we'll never forget. We enjoyed a New Year's Eve dinner at Bernies, soaked in the hot tub to the soft tune of music, drank multiple bottles of champagne, and had cocktails at the Belfry... among many other things!
Antiques at every corner.
Every turn so beautifully decorated.
Hubs with the pup.
The Gardens.
The dining room.
Birdhouse beauties.

The Belfy.
Can we please go back??? :)

The interlude.

Secrets locked away. Hidden. Turned over and over. These are our thoughts. And sometimes people share them freely. And other times, they are kept close to heart. Unshared. Special only in our own making. Maybe a glass of wine. Or sometimes, maybe, it's courage. The longing to be heard. And then quite a funny thing happens when thoughts are turned into spoken words. Shared amongst others. No longer mine to keep. Sometimes regretfully. The things I released. Those thoughts which have been tumbling and circling. Subject to interpretation. To judgment and disagreement. Why do I regret giving up those moments? Often. The secrets of me. Inconsequential to others. Important only to who I am.

Ps. Can you hear me? 

Tripping to Vermont.

Oh but the views! Those gorgeous winter laden landscapes. And I'm not even one for landscapes typically. Absolutely undeniable it is that there's something breathtaking about Vermont. I couldn't help but snap up a few photographs during our road trip. The scenery makes the ride so much more enjoyable... and bearable, being that it is about an 8.5 hour car ride.

Beautiful Christmas tree farms.

So serene.
We made a small stop in the gorgeous town of Burlington Vermont before heading further north towards Jay Peak. It was such an adorable place! Even the rainy weather didn't keep the sidewalks clear as families strolled the streets everywhere. We happened upon the lovely Leunig's Bistro & Cafe for brunch. The food was exquisite. The atmosphere, right up my ally. The perfect spot to indulge in a hot cup of tea and a hearty, warm meal.

Speaking of up north, we decided it only fitting to stop in and say hello to our fellow neighbors. In french. Ok, well I couldn't actually remember much french. But we were off to see the Canadians! What the hell. Why not? We first visited the town of Magog for coffee, where music plays from speakers lining the street at all times, and Derby Line for... what else? But to stand on the line splitting the Canadian and US border. When we arrived, we were having a little difficulty locating the infamous library which made this all possible. We stopped by the closest Duty Free shop for directions and, to our dismay, were notified that the building was closed for the day. BUT, the clerk also happened to mention that she lived not a minute's distance away and 1/3 of her property was Canadian. Yes, she pays taxes to two different countries. So bizarre! For this reason, the countries had marked her yard with a lovely little divider. She was so incredibly sweet as to invite us back to her home for an impromptu photo-op... and so that we did! I'm still trying to google map her address so that I can send a picture and thank you. Seriously, how kind hearted is she!?

Don't their lights look oddly futuristic??
Bonjour Kenneth!
I'm Canadian. He's US. Ou la la!
Our trip far exceeded our expectations and I can't wait to share moments from the best part... the B&B! Coming SOON :)

Contests continued.

Speaking of, hubby just won a radio contest and is now the proud owner of $100 worth of lottery tickets. We had quite the time scratching away and ended up with almost $150 in winnings! Not a bad start to the new year, eh?!


Our B&B re-cap coming soon. As soon as I can sort through all of the photographs, that is. In the meantime, a little something random...

As was previously mentioned, I'm a bit obsessed with freebies. And coupons. Which is saying a lot because I'm pretty sure I under utilize both. For a few months I went a little overboard with online sweepstakes too. Most of which I never won. I can honestly say though that there have been a few instances where I've managed to receive products in the mail. Somehow nail polish and lip gloss seem so much more exciting when they're free. Below, my new favorite hair product: Redken's Argan - 6 Oil. FREE! As a disclaimer, I must admit that I've never had the pleasure of using the infamous Moroccan Oil so take my recommendation with a grain of salt. I do love how soft this makes my hair feel though! 
Cost: $0.00
 Have you ever won anything exciting? If so, please do share!