Gently bubbling.

I may be getting a wee bit ahead of myself with all of these ramblings about autumn scented this and pumpkin flavored that. There is absolutely nothing wrong with hot and sunny August afternoons, besides those tiresome neeeever eeeeending 85 degree temperatures outside. 

So in the spirit of a slowly fading Summer (yay?), I'd like to show off one of my new besties. Her name is Organic Elderflower Presse. Doesn't she just sound sweet and lovely? We first met at Fresh Market. If you're not yet acquainted with this chain of grocery store, I highly recommend you try one... should you find yourself so lucky to live in proximity that is.

Now, bare in mind that Organic Elderflower Presse and I are still getting to know each other.  Out of common courtesy, I ask that you please don't inquire about the specifics pertaining to elderflower. I really couldn't say. I can definitively tell you, however, that this lovely drink tastes and looks a lot like lemonade. A brilliantly delicious lemonade perfect for late August afternoons.

Hence, my lemon prop :)

The next chapter: Autumn in a new neighborhood.

We're moving! Again. We'll officially be... well, not quite homeowners, but homerenters. I've been having some lofty dreams about our soon-to-be home. It has a driveway. It has a fireplace. It'll have a hose... a hose! If a hose doesn't excite you, well, it's just because you haven't lived in a house for three years which doesn't have a hookup for one which means you haven't had the pleasure of jumping over your neighbor's chain link fence every evening to borrow their hose. Did I mention three years? Amen to nice neighbors. 

But back to the house. It'll be in an actual neighborhood with sidewalks. I've been longing for this since... oh, forever. A house in the burbs. Hubby and I decided we weren't feeling permanently sure of our location out here in Ohioland enough to buy a house so we decided to give renting a whirl. There's only one small upside to living in an area where you have no family ties and that's the fact that anywhere is an option. There's a pretty large radius we were able to consider AND since we've already done the city route, we had no qualms about being "out there." Hence, a house in the sort-of middle of nowhere.

I can't wait for trick-or-treaters. For real though. Walks around the neighborhood with Teacup in tow. Washing cars, in our very own driveway. Entertaining at the house. Gardening. Mums! Oh, I'm sooo excited for mums. And this image, which I've become obsessed with conjuring up: The warm and cozy smell of Autumn scented candles. Fire roaring (not sure if this fireplace quite "roars" but you know, we'll go with it). Sunday night football. Wings in the oven. Maybe some beer? Something amazing and season like though -pumpkin something or other, for sure. Crisp, cool, Fall day. Beautiful blue skies. Pumpkin lattes. Bike rides. Orchards. Sweaters. Pumpkin pies. Ok, ok...

I digress.
So you get the gist. We're excited. So excited in fact that I've almost completely overlooked a little something special that my husband and I have planned for Labor Day. Ah, things are looking good! Life is really, really good.