Missing: Front porch.

I'm no sorcerer here, but it's pretty easy to predict the future when it comes to books. The digital will eventually eat away at the paper. In the not so distant future, children probably won't even have text books. Can you imagine? They'll come home from school toting their iPad instead, or whatever fancy gadget is popular at the time. Does this bother anyone else like it does me? I'm always looking to the past for inspiration on the present. I truly believe it's a way of getting back to basics. Simplifying is the same as purifying to me. Maybe this is a fault, but for now, let's pretend I'm right. Just picture children who sit inside staring at TV screens, computer monitors, video game displays. Oh, right. They already do that. And then picture them at school. Gone are the days of the blackboard. They'll probably stare at some type of projected screen instead. They'll do their homework on their computer instead of on paper. And then, they'll grow up and they'll stare at a computer screen for 8 hours straight. And in between that, they'll stare down at the screen on their phone. They'll type instead of talk. We'll end up raising an entire generation of screen savers. 

I just read THIS NY Times article and THIS one too. I feel a little queasy. What is life coming to these days? Are we really this pitiful? We're trying to cram so much into our lives that it seems we're actually missing out on everything important. Family dynamic just went down the drain, along with sitting at a dinner table to eat or enjoying a leisurely evening on the front porch during a hot summer's evening. Oh, that's right. We don't even build houses with front porches anymore. What's the need, right? Kids don't need imagination. Give them their leap frog to play with or your smart phone, which I guarantee has a fancy app for that. So, I'm making a few vows, here and now. #1. I will never buy my child a fake cell phone to use as a toy. That's disgusting. #2. Kindle book purchases are on hold until further notice. I WILL support book stores and the feel of real paper in my hands. #3. Less screen time. More face time. It's summer. Bring on the beautiful weather!

Who's with me??!

RE: Me, cold as ice.

I'm not the warm and bubbly, bear-hug type. Have you noticed? Cool, calm and collected is more my cup of tea ...and I honestly think it stems from my belief that emotions are inferior to logic. I hate them in fact. Go away and come back some never day. That would be my Virgo-ness. Someday I'll have to enlighten you with an entire post on how eerie it is that my astrology sign sums up my personality so well. In other news, I've come to the conclusion, as of late, that I might..must be a little neurotic. My life is like that of a dieter. How, so kindly you should ask? Well, for starters, it's like the day when you're trying so perfectly to eat right and then you have that one little innocent cookie. And then WHAM! Forget about it. Now your whole day is ruined and you might as well binge because you obviously just shot everything straight to hell. Like me and exercise. As you well know, I started. And last week, I'm proud to say, I worked out 6 out of 7 days. Then rolled around Monday (boo you) and my empty cabinets forced me to visit the grocery store instead of getting my sweat on. BAM. There went my whole day. And then I started to neurotically believe I may have been eating more calories than the nutrition guide was specifying for a slice of bread, a tbsp. of flaxseed, etc. And WHAM. Goodbye eating habits. Hello tub of icing. Where the hell has my balance gone? Sometimes I swear it up and left with the birth control pills I stopped taking. I hate to be all female in angst on you, but hormones really are a bitch sometimes, don't you agree? It's the only thing I can blame for waking up this morning with a pounding headache, and knowing, without a doubt before I even left my house, that it was going to be that kind of day. Okay, it was that or the tub of icing I had for dinner last night. But seriously, do you believe in karma or energies? Maybe I'm putting out some kind of crazy voo-doo negative energy and the world has so graciously rewarded me with some more. Just to spice things up a bit. Whatever it is, where ever my balance ran off to, I'd like it back. And promptly.

Thank you!

Lake view.

Hubs and I decided to take a drive today en route to a new locale for our feet to explore. This is how we found ourselves at the trails of Lake Galena in Peace Valley Park, PA. During our travels, we took in scenes of suburban neighborhoods and commented on the benefits of living in Bucks county. Who knows. Maybe it's the next place we'll call home :)
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Whether it be sun bathing in my backyard with book and sparkling water in hand or jogging along the premise of a lake, the outdoors is always a welcome change to sitting in an office. This weekend has been so beautiful, hot and sunny, that I've tried to soak up as much sun as possible. Being of the fairer skinned variety, this will no doubt lend itself to more freckles and minimal tan, but it's still an experience I enjoy.  Friday I went out for drinks and appetizers with a friend, and couldn't help but admire her glow. Oh how I'd love to have an olive complexion which doesn't require bathing in sun screen. Nevertheless, she shared that her nice tan was straight from a bottle! So it has me asking, what's your favorite sunless tanner? I've come by a some good ones over the past few seasons but am always on the look out for previously unknown magic tricks. Do you have any secret ingredients you use religiously this time of year??

Sidewalk envy.

Habits are a funny phenomenon. Not so much how they occur, because at this point I think we've all heard about the 66 day rule, but more so why. Why, at the age of 27, did I one day wake up and decide that the bed needed to be made every morning, following a 26 year rebellion against such daily niceties. Or, why after always longing to be one of those refreshingly healthy people who cleanses their face every evening, did I finally become one. So yes, I've been neglecting my computer but I promise it's been for healthier habits.  This non-exerciser has even been exercising! So that time before bed when I'd normally be typing away at the keys of my computer, I've instead been stretching and working muscles I'd long forgotten I possessed. My deepest apologies for being so neglectful. It's been an unwanted side effect. I have noticed a few unexpected benefits though too.  For instance, my skin, being baby soft. Whoever heard of such a thing? I'm hypothesising it has something to do with sweat and lots and lots of water. Or how about my fingernails FINALLY being strong and long. Thank you protein. Not bad, right?

I hope you've been as busy enjoying these early summer days as I have!

And on one last note of gratitude, I'd like to thank my husband for reminding me of the once forgotten Towpath along the canal, especially in my moment of suburban sidewalk craving angst.

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