Where are you now.

I have nothing intelligible to say. Nothing at all, in fact. But my husband's out and I feel the common thread to write. I'm pretty sure the word thread is used incorrectly in that sentence, but I'm enjoying it. In fact, while we're talking, I think I'll steal one of my husband's Yuengling Lagers. I hope you don't mind. It's that kind of night.

I'm just sitting, waiting. Listening to music. Have you ever heard of Sharon Van Etten? Or Grooveshark? First, google Grooveshark. Then, play Sharon. It's brilliant really. I highly recommend "Serpents." In high school and in college, I used to play music often. And now, for some reason, I don't. Maybe it's our interests. Maybe it's because my husband isn't really a fan of mellow women belting out their soulful lyrics. Not to blame. But for whatever reason, I only apparently play this music when he's away. But you know, I'm okay with that too. Tonight is a Sharon + Yuengling night. It's a little sad and a little happy too. Because really, who knows where we're headed.

It's kind of like my computer freezing, and not allowing me to make any changes, except that the music continues to play...
"It's okay to feel
Everything is real
Nothing left to steal
Cause we're alright
We're alright"

I told a friend tonight, I view my life as a science experiment, and it's true. Who knows if we're doing any of this right? Oh sure, the religious people will look toward God for guidance. And I too, will not discount that, even though I don't get dressed in my Sunday's best. But in the end, we're still trying to observe and absorb everything. To make sense of it all. And to come up with our next best steps. Watch for the signs. The coincidences that don't quite add up. Those ah-hah moments, that are just too ironically placed. I'd say about 80% of what happens to you, can't be explained. Or isn't in your control. But the 20%, pay attention. It's happening to you and everyone around you. Go with it. Wisely. That's my oh-so scientific advise.

On a rilli random note, can I just say that it's becoming eerie how much I can pick out a Virgo in the crowd?

Oh yeah, and I'm really enjoying my new friends. Even if they do take up all of my time.

And Clinique. I'm kind of obsessed. I used to be  superior - Lancome, Estee Lauder, etc. All nonsense. Back to the basics, they could sell me. Who doesn't love an old fashioned bar of soap? You literally cannot go wrong. And because, in the blogosphere, you always need a photo (yes, I'm mocking this fact).... For you, here I go, my little gopies. Yeah, that's right. I just called you a gopie. Get used to it. Gopie.
Ps. I love you.



I've always wanted to have a Kentucky derby soiree. Can't you just see it already? The mint juleps. The coasters featuring mint julep recipes. Yes, that's correct. I own those. The ridiculously floppy hats. An excuse to wear the adorable dresses you're always eyeing up but wondering where ever you'll find a place to frock around in them. And then there's the bets for the boys. I still kick myself for not purchasing the cocktail stirrers I saw once featuring a horse and jockey at the top. This is my grand plan. And every year, as May once again takes me by surprise, I promise yet again to do it next year. Between our anniversary, birthdays, bridesmaid brunches, entertaining friends, old and new, drinks with coworkers.. and oh, who could forget - the holiday weekend(s) - the month always passes by before my very eyes.
Do you like being busy? I've come to realize that I'm terrible at it. Whenever I have too much going on (my mentality), I find it difficult to truly focus all of my energies on one task, which is how I prefer to function. That whole "winging it" concept somehow flew right by me. So, in my type A-ish dreams, I'm dreaming up next years party. Do you think if I start a year ahead, I'll have time to focus enough to actually plan it?!

Oh, and did I mention bridesmaid brunches? My sister's engaged, aaaand, she invited all of us ladies over to brunch at her apartment, which was just way too cute of a concept. There were croissants, omelets, parfaits, Nora Jones, and hot mugs of coffee. It was seriously adorbs. I'm already looking forward to our next function - lunch accompanied by a little game of tennis (complete with tennis skirts, why of course). To top it all off, my sister even provided each of us a personalized gift - a Tiffany's blue day planner plus a message in a bottle. Who thinks of these things?! I'm so excited to see what's to come. Maybe I should ask her for party planning assistance, next April :)

One Kings Lane.

Oh how darling! My coworker recommended One Kings Lane, the Gilt of home decor. This lane is right up my alley (pun intended). It's filled with cute home accessories a plenty. There's a little something for everyone and the prices are often surprisingly affordable. Give 'er a whirl!


The Spectator.

My flip flop broke. At the most inopportune of times. Not that there's really an opportune time for such an event to occur. I guess. I woke up at 5:30 Saturday morning under the assumption that I was dropping off my husband at the buses and then creeping back into bed. My plan was to wake up a few hours later, haul a case of beer and be on my merry Tough Mudder way. So, I count my blessings that I had the foresight to not wear my pajamas because I found that dropping off my husband at the buses really meant paying $10 to park and then joining him on the buses. The $10 really threw us for a loop. First and foremost. Luckily we were able to pawn ourselves off for a mere $1 bill. Thank you Tough Mudder volunteer for your generosity in overlooking our cashless asses. We were just that prepared. Clearly. And so, this is how I found myself hobbling to the buses, with one workable flip flop. As a result, I spent the remaining portion of the day clunking around in my husbands spare sneakers. When I say I looked like a clown, I actually mean that literally. I was a sight for sore eyes, not that anyone was looking. Most people were more concerned with the 20 degree weather and the prospect of submerging themselves in the next big ice bucket obstacle. Close call, on my behalf. Tough Mudder is no joke. Especially when you're the first heat and it's cold. And there are a lot of intentionally cold water surprises in store. Thank heavens for the Inn at Poconos Manor, its close proximity to the event and the complimentary tea. It was quite the adventure for me. Oh yeah, and I guess for a few others who actually participated in the event. 12 miles of pure joy, that course. Fun photos below.