I've always wanted to have a Kentucky derby soiree. Can't you just see it already? The mint juleps. The coasters featuring mint julep recipes. Yes, that's correct. I own those. The ridiculously floppy hats. An excuse to wear the adorable dresses you're always eyeing up but wondering where ever you'll find a place to frock around in them. And then there's the bets for the boys. I still kick myself for not purchasing the cocktail stirrers I saw once featuring a horse and jockey at the top. This is my grand plan. And every year, as May once again takes me by surprise, I promise yet again to do it next year. Between our anniversary, birthdays, bridesmaid brunches, entertaining friends, old and new, drinks with coworkers.. and oh, who could forget - the holiday weekend(s) - the month always passes by before my very eyes.
Do you like being busy? I've come to realize that I'm terrible at it. Whenever I have too much going on (my mentality), I find it difficult to truly focus all of my energies on one task, which is how I prefer to function. That whole "winging it" concept somehow flew right by me. So, in my type A-ish dreams, I'm dreaming up next years party. Do you think if I start a year ahead, I'll have time to focus enough to actually plan it?!

Oh, and did I mention bridesmaid brunches? My sister's engaged, aaaand, she invited all of us ladies over to brunch at her apartment, which was just way too cute of a concept. There were croissants, omelets, parfaits, Nora Jones, and hot mugs of coffee. It was seriously adorbs. I'm already looking forward to our next function - lunch accompanied by a little game of tennis (complete with tennis skirts, why of course). To top it all off, my sister even provided each of us a personalized gift - a Tiffany's blue day planner plus a message in a bottle. Who thinks of these things?! I'm so excited to see what's to come. Maybe I should ask her for party planning assistance, next April :)


  1. We will FOR SURE be at your soirée next April if you have it! And HOW CUTE are those journals?!

    YES, let's please get together SOOOOON! Let's pick a weekend in June! There is a place in Wayne called Painting With A Twist where you go and paint and drink wine! Date night?? XOXO

  2. I think a Kentucky Derby party would be so sweet! I love the planners and the message in a bottle so thoughtful:)


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