Pure Michigan.

Oh my sad, sad little blog. How I've neglected you as of late. But really, was I ever a "good" blogger? I think not. Long lapses between posts are pretty much the norm on this side of the Mississippi. Did I spell that right? Oh hell, I hope I spelled that right.

Anwaaaaay. We did have a quite successful little vacay for ourselves in Pure Michigan. Not just Michigan. Pure Michigan, as those commercials always say. We absolutely loved it. I'm pretty sure Glen Arbor, MI is the most quaint, adorable town I've ever visited and we pretty much struck gold staying at the Homestead Resort. Because we showed up at the ass end of Labor Day weekend, we just caught the crowds dissipating and then mostly had the place to ourselves for the rest of the week. No complaints here! We lucked out with weather for about half of our stay. Having a bit of a cold, autumn breeze didn't feel so bad when you're looking to cozy up to a fire though. Between the adorable grocery store and restaurants in our resort to the local coffee shop and taverns, both my husband and I couldn't have been happier. Did I mention sand dunes, boat rides, crystal clear caribbean blue lake water (I didn't even know that was possible?!) and amazing rustic accommodations. Okay, I say rustic but it was really quite normal. Just a bit cabin-like in decor. Then we changed rooms mid-way through the week, which I had planned ahead of time, so that the second half of our stay we had a huge soaking tub in the middle of our bedroom. Enough said.

Part of my lollygaggin around with posting this update is because I can't figure out for the life of me how to get my photos from VSCO to blogger without uploading one at a time. If anyone has any secret tidbits on how to get around this, please do share!

And in the meantime, please excuse my obsessiveness with american flags and ominous skies. These somehow became my favorite spectacles during our trip. A few highlights below...

And that's all she wrote folks.