Loving now.

$3.00 flowers from the grocery store = instant room makeover. These lovely smelling petals were so inspiring that I placed an order online for seeds today. And let me tell you, those little packets of love can't come soon enough! You know I love me some seed starting indoors and March is lingering very close in proximity :) Who's ready for Spring and sunshine!?

I see...

Alrighty, so let's see....where did we leave off? Oh, yes. My cozy chat with the psychic! It happened as scheduled.  Amazingly, she repeated a lot of what she had previously said over a year ago which was somewhat miraculous, in and of itself, although not quite as exciting to hear everything said the second time around.

I asked her if she thinks we'll ever move back to the northeast and she said no. We'll move somewhere warmer. Not all that bad, I'd say!

She mentioned us buying a 3 bedroom house.

And to stay away from someone named Donna, when I meet her. She's very negative. (That one made me chuckle)

She didn't see much shifting with respect to my career. More of the same, but that there are some changes coming in the company. A little vague.

She also said that a very good year is in store for my husband and I.

Oh, and that my sister-in-law will get remarried around the age of 35 - 36.

We chatted about a great many other things too but of a more sensitive nature so unfortunately I'll just have to leave you guessing for now :) All in all, I got all of my questions answered and feel I got my fill of psychic intuition, which should last me a good amount of time!

A supernatural level of intuition.

I'm doing it. Tomorrow. Well, hopefully. An appointment has been made with Valerie. Remember I spoke of her in the past here? It's been quite a while since my initial one on one appointment. Some of the more personal revelations she revealed during our last session came true with surprising accuracy. Some of the others didn't... yet. Who knows? Either way, I haven't spoken to any psychics since 2012 but now I feel that it's time again. I'll provide another update after our phone session! Fingers crossed it doesn't get rescheduled.

On another random note, I had a very curious dream the other night. Not to worry, I won't put you to sleep with the details. Let's just say that it was very spiritual and keep it at that. While I was waking up, my mind still groggy with sleep, I had the thought, "Well that was a very interesting movie" and it was like the word movie kept echoing in my head, willing my mind to take notice. 


Was I watching something? I've always believed the assumption that dreams are just my mind's random switches going on and off -bizarre combinations of thoughts, memories, people and feelings mixed together - something I ultimately thought up myself.

But then I got to thinking, what if all of these seemingly random, mumble jumbled images and thoughts were placed there? Maybe there are subtle messages that we're supposed to takeaway, almost unconsciously. Maybe someone's communicating with us. Is it loved ones who have passed? God? Who's playing the movie?

I know. You thought I'd fallen off my rocker when I told you about seeing a psychic and now I'm really losing it with all of this rambling non-sense about inserted messages into dreams. All I can say is that it was a VERY moving dream. And I have had some really powerful dreams in the past. Haven't we all? What do you think? Crazy or onto something???

By the way, I've been experiencing LOTS of intuition lately, like knowing who's calling my work phone (which doesn't have caller ID), before I pick up. Or knowing who's about to enter the room before they walk through the door. Hmm. What's that about?

My gossip worthiness.

Commence February 2014 post #1. Check!

Following a conversation (online) with a friend from faraway places regarding the evil perils of Facebook [aka Wastebook], we decided jointly to put a temporary hold on our accounts. Well, maybe. I've requested  further clarification on whether or not I maintain the ability to turn it back on, should I request to do so. Ally (get it.. kind of like "mostly" but for all. I kid. I kid.) for selfish reasons. The thought of all those precious photographs being lost in never never land seems sad to me.  I'd like to keep them around and Facebook has yet to develop an easy way for me to click on an entire album and request that the photos be printed using Snapfish, for example, which is something I've been desperately waiting for, for yeaaaars. BIG Sigh.

Sorry. I got a little off track with that long sentence.

This whole anti-Facebook regime is nothing new, therefore, I won't bore you with the obvious advantages of such a trend. It did get me thinking though about gossip. In cancelling my account (temporarily), I think I may end up inadvertently enriching my gossip-worthiness. Remember the days when ladies (I always picture them old...and smelling of powder) used to whisper in grocery stores about their neighbors or what scandalous so-and-so was up to these days? Now it seems no one bothers to ask because it's all out there for the world to see. All you have to do is look.

It's kind of like when I have good news to share but withhold the urge to immediately text it to my husband at work because some things, a lot of things if we're honest, are sooooo much better shared in person. So much juicier.

So let them wonder! Let them agonize over the minutia of my life that's in hiding. Let them talk. Oh mysterious one.

Well, except for this blog. That's pretty much, if  somewhat listlessly, still here.

End post, in honour of Wiley Wears :)