Fortunate forecasts.

Prior to our departure from Philadelphia, there was one last individual I had to meet - a neighbor I hadn't previously known. My knowledge of her existence came to be in a rather peculiar way. I was called upon the great city of brotherly love as a juror, and while there, I happened to notice another gal that sounded just like me during questioning. We even moved to Manayunk the same year. She was also selected, ironically, and we soon realized that her and I both grew up in small, neighboring towns. A very brief time later, she asked whether I happened to be a Virgo. And why yes, I am!. Her ability to decipher one's sign from so little information awed me and it soon got us talking about our mutual interest in astrology. During the conversation, I timidly admitted that I sometimes frequent psychics, to which she answered with enthusiasm that she often spoke to Valerie on the radio. Valerie, I said? Yes, Valerie from Manayunk, she answered! I had never heard of this woman and my new found friend from jury duty informed me all about her - how she lived in Manayunk, spoke every Monday on the radio, helped the police etc. I was immediately intrigued and even more so when I realized the street she resided. I thought to myself, hm.. what are the chances. It's a long street, but how incredible would it be if Valerie was right around the corner. So naturally, I did what every curious person would do, and went home to google her address. Lo and behold! What do you know but she lived in VERY close proximity! This, surely, was a sign that I needed to meet this lady. And so, I scrambled to schedule an appointment with her before leaving town.

I was not disappointed. Valerie's house is quite eclectic but she's so sweet and kind, you immediately feel at ease.

There are some things I don't necessarily feel comfortable sharing due to the personal nature of her revelations but below are a few of the more general observations:

I will have a boy and a girl. The girl will be born around 3 - 4 years later than the boy. Valerie mentioned that if we're not careful, there could be another child right after our son is born. If it happens, it will be a boy. She mentioned that my children will be healthy, but that she sees an operation. I will most likely have a preemie which will require a c-section, but she said not to worry as all will work out fine.

[And this is where I'd like to insert that I enjoyed Valerie's approach. She doesn't make you feel like there's lack of choice. She makes it very clear that she's not God. She sees visions but can give you advice or recommendations. So here, she made comment, that we in all likelihood could have three children, but that I'll have my hands full after the first. She pointed out the costs of college these days and hinted, in so many ways, that financially three children could end up being a strain. Now, if you recall, I shared past psychic forecasts here which are pretty similar to this one, right? Three children. Two boys and a girl. Right a bell!?]

Valerie said she could see me as a homemaker and made comment that my husband will really love it. She also hinted that I could go back to work - back to something administrative or HR related, but that she ultimately sees me at home (much to my delight!).

I showed her pictures of my family and she went through each member - how she saw my sister getting married to a good man, and a big event occurring around August 11th (the same weekend as her wedding!), how my youngest sister will get married around the age of 26, how my parents will go on a big trip, which will be fantastic. Italy, she said. And you know the craziest thing? My parents have been talking about possibly making a trip of Italy for the past few months now. I mean, how do you account for something like that?! Valerie also said that she sees my husband's job change being very positive and that he's only going up from here. More money. More travel. We chatted about my sister-in-law and how she'll remarry in a few years to a more mature man and that she sees another child - a boy. We also had conversations with Valerie about my deceased father-in-law and there were some pretty interesting aspects there as well. To my husband, she said that he'll say "hello" in the form of a co-worker telling him about his/her pet bird, which will be white in color. I could go on and on.

Everything I've listed above is pretty superficial information. There were a lot more details discussed, but as I mentioned, I'm only willing to send so many of them out there to the land of the internet. Time will ultimately tell, won't it? There's really no fooling accuracy so we will see!

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  1. Wow - what a great story !

    I hope all the wonderful things she saw for you come true.
    Great fun way to spend a day ..




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