Home sweet home.

We're here! We're here! We're here! After spending one last gorgeous weekend at the shore with my husband's family, we packed up the essentials from our house (in record time, might I add) and drove the 10 hour drive to Ohio. Well, technically we drove about 5 hours, stopped overnight to lounge at a hotel, and drove the remainder in the morning. Regardless, we're here! We've officially taken up new residence.  It has all happened so quickly that I don't think my mind has yet caught up with my physical location. After running what seemed to be an endless stream of errands upon our arrival, hubs and I were finally able to relax and enjoy a little adventure on Sunday, prior to the start of his first day at work. For our inaugural trip, we headed down south to Newport on the Levee, which is actually located in Kentucky. Kentucky! Who goes to Kentucky!? Well, apparently, we do. We splurged on a late lunch at Mitchell's Fish Market, where they import fresh fish daily. It was the prefect day, and as we sat outside enjoying our meal, I was able to glimpse the Cincinnati skyline for the first time. 

This is it. This is officially home.
This is it.

Blackened tilapia with a delicious, creamy lobster bisque.

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