Red bull and purple skies.

I still wake up irritable. This completely boggles my mind. I mean, really?  I expected every morning to smell like roses. And why shouldn't I? I have no boss, no co-workers, no commute. Even the weather doesn't hamper my daily agenda. This is my own personal happy project. Somehow, phantom forces must be working against me. Sometimes, the bedside is just simply the wrong side. There's really no one to blame but myself. This morning, when I realized the wrong side of the bed was unsuccessfully averted, I did the only thing I know to do when I'm throwing a mood for no known reason at all. Red Bull. It's like my magic happy maker. Some people have their coffee. I have my red bull.

Later... much later, once my husband returned home and both our bellies were full, I decided to turn to more natural stimulants. Following our feast, we decided to take a walk around our community lake. This weather! I knew Nati (as I learned today some use to reference this city) is south of where we came from, but 81 degrees in October!? I thought my flip flops would have been long gone this late in the season. The warm breeze made for a perfect pairing during our post-dinner walk. It aint no red bull, but it'll certainly do :)

ROSYRILLI.COM Red bull and purple skies
The view, a stones throw away from our sliding glass door.

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