Comfort & cozy.

THE Phineas Swann Bed & Breakfast Inn. Love, love, LOVE! The experience was so unique, even if it was the anti traditional antics of New Years Eve. After driving though Burlington, VT we made our way to the tiny town of Montgomery Center. There was the market, gas station, pizza & sub shop and then THIS adorable little Inn. I knew, on first sight, that I was going to absolutely love it. 

The owners, Jay & John, were so kind as to comply with a last minute request from my husband: champagne and chocolate covered strawberries, upon entry to our Honeymoon Suite. Imagine my delight in finding such goodies! Our room was so cozy that we, somewhat regrettably, missed out on breakfast each morning (which I've heard is phenomenal) just so that we could stay cuddled up in bed for as long as possible. The room thermostat actually controlled a fireplace so it was utterly amazing to wake up in such a comfortable bed, fire roaring, with a hot cup of freshly made chamomile tea in hand. I honestly could have stayed there forever!
Not a bad way to start the trip!
A long drive, well worth the trip.
Teacup was greeted with her very own doggie bed and bone.
Every nook and cranny of this old farmhouse is filled with such love and charm. From the barberry scented soap to the antique bulldog collections, there is absolutely nothing forgettable about this weekend getaway. It was such a memorable trip, one which we'll never forget. We enjoyed a New Year's Eve dinner at Bernies, soaked in the hot tub to the soft tune of music, drank multiple bottles of champagne, and had cocktails at the Belfry... among many other things!
Antiques at every corner.
Every turn so beautifully decorated.
Hubs with the pup.
The Gardens.
The dining room.
Birdhouse beauties.

The Belfy.
Can we please go back??? :)


  1. This looks like a lovely place - so romantic and topped off perfectly with champers and strawberries !

  2. That is the quaintest thing I have ever seen! I have always wanted to do a bed and breakfast!

  3. i looove getaways with hubs. looks like you had such a fun time.



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