Halloween this year was... interesting, to say the least. I should clarify, our Halloween party was interesting. As most of the Northeast knows, Saturday felt a little bit like Christmas, complete with snow flakes-a-plenty. The end result? A rather differing guest list than originally anticipated. No worries though! This did not hamper our festivities in the least. In fact, the weather quite inspired some decor ideas.

A not so typical October evening:

Oh, why hello! Welcome! Come join us for the celebration! 


And then, just when you thought you knew what you were getting your ridiculously costumed self into, enter: our house.  To the tune of Christmas music...

Apparently, not everyone shares in our humor. Halloween at Christmas. The snow. Photographs in front of the Christmas tree, while dressed in your crazy costume. Santa's Coming to Town playing softly in the background.  Oh the irony! It really hit my funny bone. 

Hi! Just call me Caddy!

All in all, a very humorous, VERY entertaining party. Oh, and did I forget to mention our unexpected Russian guests? Yes, we had a few of those too. They apparently like coffee. And Jack Daniels. Did I mention that it was a very memorable evening? 

A little late night action.


  1. HAHA this is awesome. I love the decor and am so bummed we missed all the festivities. Especially the photo-ops by the tree. Up next, a Christmas party with Easter decorations? :)


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