The Rookwood & an Art Museum.

To date, we've been to a Bengals game, visited the Cincinnati zoo and enjoyed the "world famous ribs" at Montgomery Inn. Slowly, we're making our rounds in this new town. At my husband's request, we went to brunch at the Rookwood in Mt. Adams. The atmosphere was absolutely incredible. Old and rustic and full of charm. It's in an old pottery plant, full of kilns, exposed brick and wood beams. I'm only sorry that I wasn't able to take even more pictures (again, at my husband's request). We even treated ourselves to a  celebratory bottle of Italian sparkling wine (aka Champagne, just not grown in the designated area of France). Good news to follow, clearly not baby related, but good news nevertheless! More to come in a few months... hopefully :) After some eggs, hashbrowns and a more easily manipulated mind (thank you, champagne), I was able to convince hubs it was a good idea to visit the Art Museum. You see, it's practically a crime that we lived so close to those Rocky Steps in Philadelphia and never actually went inside, so I figure this is a small step (pun intended) towards redemption. Plus, after all of those books and television shows I've been engulfed in lately about the 1800's, it was even more fascinating to see all of the old stuffy portraits. Thank goodness for cameras!

Est. in 1802

"It is believed that a Parliament of Rooks is responsible for escorting
 souls to heaven & enacting laws of the natural world"
Old whiskey bottles - now used as water decanters

Aaaand now some non-Instagram photos for you...

Creepy crows, made not so scary by the amazing atmosphere

 Where will you go this weekend?!

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