High tea.

My mini musing: What ever happened to the customary offering of tea or coffee to house guests upon entry? Somehow this practice has fallen to the way side. But why? Have we lost all sense of manners? Or maybe people never actually performed such acts of kindness in the first place...


  1. So true ! You should always offer a cuppa ! Lovely blog


  2. coffee & teas are a must in this casa. although i don't always offer it to guests. silly me. maybe i will have to start!

  3. ha...definitely somethin' to think about?! I never do that either but probably b/c we don't drink to much of that in our house.
    But now that its getting chilly a nice cup of warm herbal tea sounds nice!


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  4. I lived in canada for almost a year and everywhere I went there people literally always offered coffee or tea. they havent forgotten the art of hospitality up there :-) thanks for visiting my blog!


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