Behold, my backyard.

Family flowering day was a success! Although less family members, the result was just the same. A beautiful backyard to admire. This years bonus? A patio set to replace our former picnic table seating. Oh, how I could tell you about the gorgeous flowers and plants my mom and I purchased. Or the amazing way the weather stayed at bay, giving us warm breezes and sunshiney spots instead of the thunderstorms originally forecasted. I could tell you all about how grateful I am to have parents who will come by to help us and how much I enjoy each new tidbit of wisdom they pass down to me. I could tell you about how overjoyed I was that my dad helped us fix our lawn mower and that we were  finally able to tame the thigh high (no exaggerations) grass which had been growing wild for all of April. Or how we caught a cab down to our favorite spot in Manayunk for drinks and appetizers. All of those things are true. It was a fabulous day. 
Yes, that is indeed mostly crab grass. Thank you for noticing.  Lawn = work in process.
A week ago. There have already been more additions made!
Orange lilies yet to bloom, along with purple salvia. By far, my favorite bed so far.

Apricot colored roses, with a fade of soft pastels.

Hubs and Dad, enjoying a cold one. After all, it was well deserved!

I could also tell you about Friday afternoon, how I drank a red bull and cranked up the music, all in an attempt to find my hidden motivation for cleaning in preparation of Saturday. I could also tell you, regrettably, how I was wide awake at 1am as a result. And then 2 am. And then 3. All the way to the point where, after wiping clean my DVR of all saved shows, in a moment of angst I decided to pour myself a very stiff cranberry and vodka. And I could also tell you about the way it lulled me to sleep, finally, hours past my bedtime. I could tell you that Saturday night I was in tears of frustration, because finally my day had arrived, my made-up family holiday was here, and I was so damn exhausted. That a part of me wanted to curl up in bed. I could have told you about my perfect day. And it was perfect in so many ways. But I will also be honest and admit that I failed miserably in others. So take note, although caffeine helps to speed up a spiffy house, IT IS NOT WORTH IT. Family flowering day almost crashed and burned. But with the help of those I love, we prevailed.

My beloved event was held last weekend, and yes, I'm pitiful and am only getting around to sharing the tale now. My backyard is still a work in progress. The type of work I don't mind doing. Dots of inspiration here and there. 

This weekend, I was a spectator at a little event called the Tough Mudder. Pictures coming soon...

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