Painting with color.

I recall being in school, oh around maybe 8th grade or so, and a fellow classmate of mine asking in quite the disdainful tone why I wore makeup. Because after all, those were my glitz and glamor years. Hah! Not exactly (pretty far from it in fact) but I was experimenting with eye shadows and liners at the time. It wasn't until years later that I perfected the art of subtlety, learning that makeup's purpose is to enhance, not steal the spotlight. Regardless, I told that classmate of mine to shove it up her you know what. Well, in my dreams that's how it went down that day. In reality, what I really told her (insert defensively) was that makeup was like art and I was painting my face. Does that sound weird? I still sometimes think of the analogy as I get ready in the morning. There's always been this knack for drawing and painting that I possess, but it's passionless. So what do you do with a skill you don't have the urge to utilize? Apparently you use it elsewhere in life. If you had asked me just two years ago about my gardening skills, I would have showed you my one lone houseplant and proudly announced that I had kept it alive for more than a year. Now, suddenly, I've evolved into a weed pulling, flower planting, homeowner. Who knew hobbies like this just show up in life!? If only I'd had this skill set back when I was in college, when they'd ask you on the first day of class what your hobbies were. I still remember those dreadful responses... "Oh, um... I like reading and snowboarding. And, watching TV?" Anyway, to take this conversation back to the original intention: I decided yesterday evening, after my neighbor asked me if I woke up thinking about my yard (not true) because I'm always outside doing something these days, that I'm painting again. I'm painting with... plants. This has become my own form of artistic expression. Colors here and there. Different sizes and shapes. Designs which grow freely and evolve. I'm painting, just with a different type of brush stroke. 

And no, this is not the big news I had planned to share. This is just a little tidbit on life I decided to post to hold you over. Until then... enjoy the sunshine.

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