The Sunday way.

Sunday brunch day. It's most appropriate that way isn't it? I'm missing last week's brunch at Olive Branch Restaurant, an adorable little locale in West Chester, PA.  At my sister's suggestion, we visited the cafe with her and her boyfriend for some midday crepes and oh, were they delicious! All very affordable, this spot does everything right - from the unique glasses, to the presentation of parfaits, roses and berries alike. As if I wasn't already convinced, visiting their website brought on the flow of a Frank Sinatra tune from my computer speakers. Now I know I'm in love!

What are some of your favorite places to brunch on Sundays?


  1. awwww that place looks awesome, i love the presentation of everything and the shape of the glasses!

    next time i pass west chester i might have to stop there!

  2. Oh! Everything here looks so delicious :D My favorite brunch place here in San Francisco right now must be la Boulange - but I'm still a quite fresh to the city, so that might change with all the awesome cafes around :) Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and following along!

  3. great photos! brunch is the best.

    my favorite place to brunch here in sarasota is this place called station 400 -- really great, fluffy pancakes, good coffee, etc. and when i visit my parents in orlando, the white wolf cafe and its smoked salmon eggs benedict is my favorite thing to order.

  4. I want to go here EVERY weekend :) Please come visit soon, so I can take you again! Thanks :)


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