Time travel.

My family is going to laugh at this post. I'm about to show some colors. I didn't just name this blog "Reflections of..." for no reason, after all. Sometimes some pretty absurd thoughts come to mind. Lucky you.

I was driving home one day and thinking fondly of past moments. Isn't that always the way? The past is so nicely coated in nostalgia. Even the not-so-pleasant moments are dripping in a film of appreciation for things being long past. I remember my sophomore year in college when this concept first dawned on me. I found myself thinking back to a year earlier, living in the dorms, with a sense of almost longing. Hah! So I thought to myself, what's really amusing is that one day I'll think back to this day, and feel the same way. And what do you know? But of course I did. And still do. College is a memorable string of years engulfed in a sense of great pride.

So that's the past. And then there's this thing we call present. It's almost too quick to grasp. It just is. Right now. It's this moment and the one next. Kind of like water, being completely fluid. There's not really any differentiation from right now. and right now. It always feels the same. Really, because all we can ever do is live in the moment. In right now.

And then there's this thing we call the future. It's a nice concept really. Basically just our imagination's way of playing  with what it might feel like or be like in the future moments. 

Yeah, yeah. So you're probably asking yourself why is she babbling about this?


The past is definite. It's the moments we can no longer re-live. But, the future, well, it doesn't really exist. You know why? Because when you get there, it will always be the now. You can't actually reach the future. It's made up solely of right now moments. Right now. And then eventually they're the past. Maybe it's just me. Being crazy. Humans have evolved over time to view and categorize the world in certain ways. To make sense of it all. But sometimes, just sometimes, I'll think about it and it doesn't quite make sense to me. So that whole great, "live in the moment" slogan.... well go ahead, I dare you not to!

And yes, I was completely, 100% sober when my mind tried to make sense of time. I think it might be time for a drink . Now :)


  1. this was a beautiful post. time is a peculiar thing to me. the past, present and future are all wonderful times in life. xo

  2. ...As a member of your family, this did, in fact, make me laugh :)


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